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The Difference between a Developing and a Developed Nation

I have been to many countries, well not too many but at least enough to make a comparison. Here I’ll compare just 2 cities; Tokyo and Karachi. Both are two of the most populous cities of the world. Karachi has an estimated population of 18 million and Tokyo 13 million.

According to my observation Karachi is the fastest city of the world I’ve ever been to and Tokyo – the slowest.

How come?

If ever you visit Karachi you’ll observe every person in that city seems to be in a hurry. Everyone seems to be running and trying to get past the other person. They even speak in so much hurry, that sometimes even I can’t understand what they speak. Once on the road you’ll hear the sound of horn so often that you start thinking are they crazy? Why can’t they just wait for a while? You’ll see this same scenario in most developing countries, India is another example. As a general rule:

The more developing a Nation the more hurry she’s in.

It seems to me that poor people/nations are always running – running in circles. They run for the whole day  but come back to the same starting point they started the day from.

I’ve been to Tokyo 3 times and every time it seemed to me that I’ve entered a new world. Yah, Shinkansen is suppose to be the fastest train but life of a common person is slow. They’re not running. They’re not competing with one another.

It is not wise to dash about.
Shortening the breath causes much stress.
Use too much energy, and
You will soon be exhausted.
That is not the Natural Way.
Whatever works against this Way
Will not last long.

(Tao Te Ching)

The first thing you need to get prosperous is to get slow, that’s how you can be at peace with your inner self. That’s how you can get out of the Survival Mode.

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Why Rich are Rich? How to Get Stable? How to Get Prosperous? Chakra Balance – 8

What’s Your Initial Objective?

A couple of days ago this post by Jack Canfield brought me almost to tears: Stay Focused on Your Dream!

He started that post with the following quote:

“When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp!”

It’s so true. What is your initial objective? I need a precise answer here.

Let me guess…

Your own home?


Money, lots of?


What’s your initial objective?

Is it one of the above?
Let me tell you what’s my initial objective…

It is none other than…



Happiness, enjoyment of life, to be cool, to laugh, to be jolly, to enjoy life as much as I can…
That’s my initial objective.

Tell me which is better?

Enjoyment of life must be your initial objective. Everything including house, car, money, survival… come after it…


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911 – Shaky Surface – Survival Mode – Base Chakra

Thou Shall Keep a Clear Mind

I was trying to gather inspiration for my next post with regards to Chakras that I read Dr Joe Vitale’s latest post: The Abundance Manifesto: Secret #4

Here’s the abundance Manifesto Secret No 4:

Thou shall keep a clear mind

I absolutely agree to this. Yesterday, even before I read this post while working with chakras – The ground chakra, I felt something amazing. If you haven’t read my last post in this regards please read it now: Chakras – Wheels of Life – Breaking the Magic Spell – 6

Here is the last passage from that post:

I give you an example; someone who constantly goes through health problems or constant financial crisis have something wrong with the first chakra. It may be an unresolved conflict that may be physical or psychological that may keep the consciousness trapped at that level. How come? That person may not feel fully grounded in earth, I mean he won’t be serene, calm. There may be an anxiety, insecure, panicky feeling even when there’s no need for it. Like just when checking mail or emails etc. There may also be an “I don’t deserve it” feeling…

If you have money/job problems, money don’t stick to you, it means you have problems with the first or the ground chakra.

Ground Chakra Relates to Matter

In our body the first chakra is located at the base of the spine or more accurately in the perineum; midway between anus and genitals. Its correlation is with solid matter, and as such it relates to the solid parts of our body like bones and large intestine (as it deals with solid substances.) Now there are sub-chakras that relate to the first and second chakra in knees and feet that connect these chakra to the ground – ground us.

This solid material is the basis of our living. Our bodies, houses, cars… almost everything we depend upon is made up of solid material. As such we need a solid footing on earth. We need a home to live and to raise our family, we need a means to travel, we need to eat food to survive. These are our basic needs.

Some Questions

I ask you:

Are you able to fully provide the basic necessities of life to you and to your family?

Do you provide these needs easily or do you have to work very hard?

Do you have to depend on someone to provide you with these needs?

Let’s explore these questions further…

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Chakras – Wheels of Life – Breaking the Magic Spell – 6

The Importance of Chakras – Why Chakras?

Before I explain what are chakras I’ll try to explain why we need chakras?

Let’s suppose you are God and you’ve assigned yourself a task to make a sort of robot; not an ordinary a robot but one of the most advanced and highly sophisticated life-form. That robot has to be deployed at a remote location billions of light years away in a remote galaxy. What would you do?

Let’s see.

To communicate with that robot you’ll need very sophisticated communication equipment; antennas/radars, tracking devices, recording devices etc and you’ll also want to make that robot intelligent enough to make its own decisions whenever needed in the absence of any communication.

The point to ponder here is that the supreme intelligence that makes that robot should probably be more intelligent than the robot itself. In the same way the decisions that robot make on its own would be inferior than the decisions communicated to it by that supreme intelligence.

Chakras – Intelligent Antennas

Would you believe that the chakras we have are sort of intelligent antennas (with built in computers to process the information) that communicate to the supreme intelligence on different levels?

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How to Remove Trapped Emotions? Breaking The Magic Spell – 5

In this post I’ll mostly talk about Emotions and how they link to us. To get in depth information about emotions I suggest you read Dr. Bradley Nelson’s excellent book: “The Emotion Code.” The whole book is available on Scribd: The Emotion Code

According to theory each organ of our body corresponds to a different emotion. Here is a list of body organs and the emotions they relate to:

Chronic Illnesses Usually  Relate to Trapped Emotions

If you have any chronic illness of some kind, it is a possibility that it relates to a trapped emotion in that particular organ.

Mother Earth is the Most Powerful Magnet

The method to remove a trapped emotion from a particular location in the body is described in depth in The Emotion Code. I’ll skip that but I’ll give you some pointers.

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The Psychic Double – Breaking the Magic Spell – 4

This post is in continuation to my last post: What is The Reality? Breaking the Magic Spell – 3

How Tithing Works?

I believe there is a sort of connection between my research and what Dr Joe Vitale posts on his blog. On October 7th 2010 he posted on his blog: The Abundance Manifesto: Secret #3

Thou shall give ten percent of all income

When he posted that, I did some research on why is it necessary? My research took me to read Dr. Vitale’s excellent free book: “Attract Money Now.

Here’s what I posted on his blog:

You wrote in your book (P-48): “When I gave money to Mike I sent a message to myself, and to the world that I was successful and had stepped into the flow of abundance.”

This giving or tithing is just a message to our own sub-conscious that that we are in the flow of abundance, provided of course we “feel happy” about it.

What Do You Feel About Giving?

Let me explain this concept a bit. When we give money to someone 2 things may happen:

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