First Date Etiquette – Fight Club Rules

Time and again I’ve seen this happening: I’ve had a crush on a work colleague, classmate etc. We used to talk for hours on phone. I either messaged him or he messaged me every other hour.  But last night or last week… he said he needs to move on… I asked him what do you mean? And he said you know what I mean… I cried so much I went to sleep with major pain in my throat and head ….. Did you hear such stories before? I hear such stories every other week… both from girls and guys… Why it happens? They don’t know the rules of the Fight Club – Dating Fight Club.

Love is a Game that has its Own Set of Etiquette…

The game of love borrows most of the etiquette from The Fight Club.

When I play this game I follow these etiquette… They have never failed me… Here are “The Date Etiquette” of “The Dating Fight Club:”

1. You Don’t Talk about Fight Club – You Don’t Talk about LOVE at least for the First Year of Dating.

1 year? Am I nuts? No I am not. This is my rule. 1 year is the least time to judge a person. It may be 13 months but not less than a year. If you still think I’m nuts then tell me when you buy a new car or a house or a TV or anything how much research would you do? If you really think a person is suited to you for your whole life then give at least a year to decide is it love or just hormones… Hormones subside in 6 months to a year… Real love never subsides… Even after a century…

But remember this does not in any way mean that you should not Seduce. Love and Seduction are 2 different things. The process of seduction has 1 goal: To en-kindle a flame inside the other person and then you slowly fire-up that flame till it becomes a raging fire… You can’t make it a raging fire if you water it down by love…

2. You Fight without Shirts or Shoes – You Date Without Clothes or Masks

Dating without clothes can be a bit embarrassing, but the truth is:

You can Never Have Real Fun with Your Clothes On.

What if we were living a natural life – as God initially intended – would we be wearing these clothes? No. If in doubt see this:

That’s the way it was and it should be...

Men at that time were so lucky…

For me, the best date is on a beach where we can at least shed some of our clothes and walk barefoot on sand for hours… If it is not possible (tell me how many cities of the world have beaches?) then at least don’t wear masks.

What are masks? You need to read “The Sacred Seduction” to know what are masks and how to remove them. I give you a clue; have you played with magnets? If yes, then you should know that unlike poles attract and like poles repel. If we cover a magnet with a rubber mask what happens? Its attraction decreases – thicker a mask – lesser is the attraction. Most of us wear same kind of masks on our personality and bodies most of the time. Remove those masks and you can get any girl fall in love with you…

3. You Don’t Ask These Questions.

Here are the questions to be avoided at all costs at least for the first 2 dates:

  • Do you love me? (Best avoided during the first year of dating, Keep It Simple S*)
  • Anything about EX. (yours or his)
  • Are you married?
  • How many children you have?
  • How many children you want…?

WTF? Children or wife or husband don’t come anywhere in my Equation of Love dear… What if he or she is married? It is good, really good if he or she is married. It’s good because he or she has been through it all, seen it all and knows it all… Experience is all what counts dude… Tell me if you fly in airplane whom do you want to fly? An inexperienced pilot or a pilot who has been through all kinds of difficult situations? Choice is yours…

4. No Lies.

You shall not lie about anything… You shall not say that you’re not married or engaged while you are married or engaged… You shall not say you don’t have children while you have… You shall disclose all your worth disclosing past affairs, fetishes… before committing to a long-term relationship… If you don’t, you’re in a deep shit of trouble man, trust me on that…

5. You Shall Not Have Sex During the First Year of Dating.

Research has shown that women are genetically programmed to fall in love with the guy they have sex with. But they are also genetically programmed to reject a guy for a hotter guy if the relationship is based upon sex. Same is true for men… If love hormones are the deciding factor of the relationship of your life then they can also be the deciding factor for rejecting the relationship of your life… Hormones always override commonsense… Tell me what’s more important; Your Heart or Your Hormones? They both start with an “H” but they have a hell lot of difference. Choice is all yours…

6. You Have to Trust Tyler or “The Sacred Seduction.”

They both start with “T” and there’s not much difference… “The Sacred Seduction” is your Sacred Manual of Love…Don’t date without it…


  1. Are you married? is a fair game question. Asking about past marriages in the 1st year, defiantly a no go. I don’t want a pilot who is flying one plane to try to fly the one I’m on as well, just saying.

    • Agreed 100%. The answer should be known during the first date or even before it.

      But if you know the answer would you still date a married guy?

      From your reply it seems no.

      What if a married guy loves you so much that no other guy on earth can?

      Would you still not date such a guy?


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