The Psychic Double – Breaking the Magic Spell – 4

This post is in continuation to my last post: What is The Reality? Breaking the Magic Spell – 3

How Tithing Works?

I believe there is a sort of connection between my research and what Dr Joe Vitale posts on his blog. On October 7th 2010 he posted on his blog: The Abundance Manifesto: Secret #3

Thou shall give ten percent of all income

When he posted that, I did some research on why is it necessary? My research took me to read Dr. Vitale’s excellent free book: “Attract Money Now.

Here’s what I posted on his blog:

You wrote in your book (P-48): “When I gave money to Mike I sent a message to myself, and to the world that I was successful and had stepped into the flow of abundance.”

This giving or tithing is just a message to our own sub-conscious that that we are in the flow of abundance, provided of course we “feel happy” about it.

What Do You Feel About Giving?

Let me explain this concept a bit. When we give money to someone 2 things may happen:

1. We love this giving. We feel good about it that God chose us to help someone. Resulting Emotion : Happiness.

2. We take it as a burden upon us. We feel bad that this was our money, why give some of our own money for no reason at all? Resulting Emotion: Sorrow, grief.

Let me explain this further by quoting a few more lines from Dr. Vitale’s book “Attract Money Now.”

Even if I pried a few bucks out of my wallet, I would wait impatiently to get those few dollars back in return. The problem was my mindset. I gave grudgingly; not freely and with joy. I gave expecting an immediate return and accounting of the dollars I felt I was “owed” by my giving. It wasn’t until I learned gratitude and the real joy of giving that I was able to step into the flow of receiving.

So that’s how you Step into the flow of Receiving.

What Do You Really Feel by Giving?

Or is it really so?

Almost the same day I read that post, I found a person sort of begging for money. I gave him a good amount and then tried to find the emotion that’s produced in my subconscious. What was it? Did I feel happy about it? Did I feel sorrow? What did I feel?

It seemed to me that I felt happy with my conscious mind, but the reaction of my body was not in-line with my feelings, sort of. It felt more like anxiety. Something was not right…

An Experiment to Find the Reality

In the night I went to my psychic friend and we conducted some experiments.

First I gave him a Rs 100 note and asked him to check the emotion – whether I felt good about it or bad?

He checked (it’s a form of dowsing, I can do that but I prefer someone else do it for me to get accurate results.) He said that this giving did not generate any emotion.

How come? There must be some emotion associated with it.

He said no. There’s simply no emotion generated.

I then gave him a bigger note and said it should generate at least some emotion.

He again said NO. It again didn’t generate any emotion – no good and no bad.

How is it possible? I am giving money to you. I don’t have the intention to get it back and no emotion is generated in me?

No emotion.

We both were perplexed.

The Psychic Double

He then said that there’s 1 possibility; you have a psychic double. The emotion that was supposed to be produced by your heart has been hijacked by your psychic double or the clone.

Welcome to the Clone Wars…

Above video is funny isn’t it?

Now the question is how to get rid of that clone?

That’s a good question. But before answering we need to find something more about emotions and how they act…

Next Post: How to remove Trapped Emotions?


  1. Knowing what’s the consequences in breaking a magic spell is very important too.

    • Hi Black Magic Curse,

      I had to think a lot before approving your comment. I approved it just because it conveys a message – a pretty good one.

      I have been to your website. You do something that I’ve been fighting for the most part of my life – cursing and using magic to destroy someone.

      I believe it’s not right to destroy someone no matter what that person’s sin be. It’s only God’s prerogative to decide whom to destroy and whom to flourish. To be true I love everyone including those who gave me the most pain in my life.


      Because love is the biggest power of this Universe. It’s only love that takes you to God. Yes I know sometimes it seems to be a dog eats dog world. But we can change it somehow…

      Hate, revenge, envy, destruction… are all the weapons of Evil. Please spread love but if you can’t do it, please don’t spread hate and revenge. It’s my humble request.


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