What is The Reality? Breaking the Magic Spell – 3

I hope you’ve read my earlier posts on Emotion Reversal. And I also hope you’ve read that interview with Clotaire Rapaille I mentioned about in my last post: The Emotion Codes.

These are the emotions as interpreted by our subconscious that determine the choices we make that eventually lead to shape our lives.

In this post I’ll try to connect the Role of Emotions with The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction

What is The Law of Attraction?

In simple words: Everything we have in our life now has been attracted to us through our mind.

We create our own reality.


I hope you remember from my last post that our subconscious only understands a very advanced level of sign language – the Language of Emotions.



What is Real?

Now I ask you what is real?

You may answer that real is something that you can see, feel or touch.

Or is it really so?

This is the “Real” what YOU “think to be real.” What about your sub-conscious mind – which is the Real You. What is The Real for The Real You?

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The Essence of Worship – A Shortcut to Abundance

Importance of a Deep and Passionate Relationship

This post is in continuation to my last post – The Essence of Worship – What is Worship?

I think I could not clearly emphasis the importance of a deep and passionate relationship. Let’s recap a part of my message I posted on Dr. Vitale’s website (Abundance Manifesto Secret #2)

One of my friends did some research on why some people in his circle of friends are wealthy and why some poor, a while back. He found out that there were 2 kinds of people in his circle who were rich: 1 those who were enjoying a deep and passionate relationship with their wives and 2. whose relationships sucked but were workaholics.

What is it all about?

The Light of God

It’s all about the life energy – the energy that’s responsible for our presence, for our whole existence… it’s this life energy that transmutes into enlightenment, creativity, prosperity…

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The Essence of Worship – What is Worship?

(Prostration of the Christian Ministers)

This post is inspired by Dr Joe Vitale’s following post: The Abundance Manifesto: Secret #2

Here’s the secret#2:

Thou shall worship passion.

What is Worship?

Here’s a paragraph from my book The Sacred Seduction:

For me love is the reason why God created this Universe. It’s the light that illuminates the direct path to God. When love reaches infinity it becomes worship and worship is only meant for God. To love is to know your Creator. Without love all worship is useless, in fact it’s a sin…

(The Sacred Seduction)

The real worship is to surrender ourselves to the Divine Power of Love…

To the Love of God?

Yes to the Love of God…

But how can you surrender to someone whom you cannot see? It’s just a logical question. Some people even deny the existence of God. So how can one surrender to someone, one cannot see?

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Basics of Unconditional Love

In my last post I requested you to do an experiment. But I think I did not fully explain the procedure. So here are some more details.

I Bow to You – Namaste Procedure

At the end of my last post I mentioned “namaste.” What is namaste? This word is made up of 3 individual words:

“Nama” means bow, “As” means I & “Te” means you, it means “I bow to you.”

The right procedure to do namaste is to bring together both your hands at the middle of your chest. Lower your head so that your chin is approximately in line with the top finger and close your eyes.

I Respect ME

Before bowing to anyone else we need to bow to us first.


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The Magic of Eyes

In my last post I described an incident in which a lady burnt the bed on which she slept with her husband when he left her for another woman. She thought she took the revenge. But was this really the revenge? No it wasn’t.

The Real Revenge

What would be the real revenge? The real revenge would be that her husband, even if was with another woman should still think about her… should regret his decision to leave her for his whole life… should feel a hole in his heart for letting her go… forever…

The Flame of Love

How could she do that? How could she kindle such a flame of love in his heart that her husband would burn in it for an eternity?

Can you do it girls? Can you do it to a man? Can you ignite such a flame in a man’s heart that it becomes a fire – a raging fire…

Yes you can, believe me you can…

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How Can You Truly Love Someone and Get True Love in Return?

The Secret to Life

This post is inspired by a comment (by Ret) to the following post by Alex Blackwell: The Secret to Life in One Sentence or Less

Here’s the comment:

The secret to life is the one thing that we can hardly do – loving. Love is easier said than done, and to do love is a great secret in terms of reality. Love gives life, and will give eternal life. So my secret to life is true loving.

(By: Ret)

I love these words. Now the question is: What is True Loving?

Before I answer this question, I want to ask a question from you…

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