Does God Play Dice? Is The System Fair? About Time – 4

Einstein said that The System can be cheated. These are the famous words of Einstein:

God does not play dice.

What does Einstein really mean by that?

It is explained beautifully in the words of Pierre Laplace a renowned French Mathematician and astronomer:

An intelligence which at a given instant knew all the forces acting in nature and the position of every object in the universe – if endowed with a brain sufficiently vast to make all necessary calculations – could describe with a single formula the motions of the largest astronomical bodies and those of the smallest atoms. To such an intelligence, nothing would be uncertain; the future, like the past, would be an open book.

Do you get it? It simply means if God knows everything then He must be able to figure out the future of all of us. As well as if God created this System in a particular way as per His desire/direction/planning then the outcome must be as per His desire/direction/planning. That’s what Einstein’s point of view in layman’s terms. Bohr’s point of view is that it cannot be determined even theoretically.That’s because of the inherent uncertainty built in the system.

Do you know the implications of the above statement? If everything or anything can be pre-determined in The System then anyone of us can say to God; God I didn’t do it. I never killed anybody, You killed that person by my hands because YOU designed The System that way. God YOU determined that I’ll do that action on a particular day or night…

But if The System is built upon such uncertainty that even God cannot override, then yes, God has a chance to implicate us for our actions.

This whole debate revolves around the point:

Is this Universe a fair playground?

Any questions?

To prove his point Einstein devised an ingenious experiment…  (Next: A Twist in Time…)

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