The Magic of Eyes

In my last post I described an incident in which a lady burnt the bed on which she slept with her husband when he left her for another woman. She thought she took the revenge. But was this really the revenge? No it wasn’t.

The Real Revenge

What would be the real revenge? The real revenge would be that her husband, even if was with another woman should still think about her… should regret his decision to leave her for his whole life… should feel a hole in his heart for letting her go… forever…

The Flame of Love

How could she do that? How could she kindle such a flame of love in his heart that her husband would burn in it for an eternity?

Can you do it girls? Can you do it to a man? Can you ignite such a flame in a man’s heart that it becomes a fire – a raging fire…

Yes you can, believe me you can…

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What is the Biggest Turn On For A Man?

Today we’re gonna discuss what’s the biggest turn-on for a man? From a man I mean a real man not a boy, okay?

Any ideas girls?

How to Turn On A Man?

Let me guess…

Show him skin?


Show him some of your cleavage?


Nip slip?


Let me tell you something girls; today’s man is very different from a man say 20 years ago. The tricks your mom used on your father are pretty useless.

How come?

Today’s boys grow up in a different culture. By age 15 they’ve seen almost everything if not physically, on the internet. Let’s be honest every girl has it. A pair of eyes, a pair of boobs and of course skin. These things no longer turn-on a real man as they used to say 20 years ago…

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The Essence of Femininity

Essence of Femininity

What Men Look for in a Woman?

What do men look for in a woman? From men I mean real men, not nincompoops.




It matters but it’s not the key ingredient.


It matters but still it’s not the key ingredient.

Money? Fame?

Are you nuts?

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How to Seduce a Man – Primer

How to Seduce a Man and Keep Him Seduced?

This discussion started when one of my close girlfriends told me that her aunt was divorced by her husband after 10 years of marriage. She met an unfortunate accident and her legs got paralyzed. He took care for her for some time but then secretly married a girl. Her aunt only came to know after her husband had a baby with his new wife. She then filed for divorce and… you know…

Did She Deserve That?

What pinched me the most in the above episode were the words of her aunt that she told to my girlfriend. Her aunt said: I did everything for him. I pressed his clothes, I made the breakfast, lunch and dinner. I took all the care of the children. I did this even after my legs were paralyzed. I did this on my wheel chair. I didn’t deserve that from that ass**** or did I?

What do you think? Did she deserve that?

Is it a Yes or No? After all she was paralyzed.

I say; she deserved that… not because she was paralyzed or anything but because she did not seduce her man as she should… if she played her cards well, this whole episode could have been avoided…

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