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The Difference between a Developing and a Developed Nation

I have been to many countries, well not too many but at least enough to make a comparison. Here I’ll compare just 2 cities; Tokyo and Karachi. Both are two of the most populous cities of the world. Karachi has an estimated population of 18 million and Tokyo 13 million.

According to my observation Karachi is the fastest city of the world I’ve ever been to and Tokyo – the slowest.

How come?

If ever you visit Karachi you’ll observe every person in that city seems to be in a hurry. Everyone seems to be running and trying to get past the other person. They even speak in so much hurry, that sometimes even I can’t understand what they speak. Once on the road you’ll hear the sound of horn so often that you start thinking are they crazy? Why can’t they just wait for a while? You’ll see this same scenario in most developing countries, India is another example. As a general rule:

The more developing a Nation the more hurry she’s in.

It seems to me that poor people/nations are always running – running in circles. They run for the whole day  but come back to the same starting point they started the day from.

I’ve been to Tokyo 3 times and every time it seemed to me that I’ve entered a new world. Yah, Shinkansen is suppose to be the fastest train but life of a common person is slow. They’re not running. They’re not competing with one another.

It is not wise to dash about.
Shortening the breath causes much stress.
Use too much energy, and
You will soon be exhausted.
That is not the Natural Way.
Whatever works against this Way
Will not last long.

(Tao Te Ching)

The first thing you need to get prosperous is to get slow, that’s how you can be at peace with your inner self. That’s how you can get out of the Survival Mode.

Here’s a cool post from Leo Babauta on the merits of slowing down: Slow Down to Enjoy Life

There are 2 ways to get rich; first way is to work like a donkey and the second way is to slow down and enjoy life. Which way you choose is totally up to you.

In the last post (Why Rich are Rich? How to Get Stable?) I talked about how to bring our base chakra back to the normal mode. I told you how I decreased my chakra vibration.

The same procedure to decrease your chakra vibration will work work for you after you’ve given a sacrifice (you need to read The Sacred Seduction to know what I’m talking about.) At least you need to pray to God with conviction that it’s already done.)

Anyways here in this post I’ll give you a practical suggestion to gear yourself into prosperity mindset, how to keep a clear mind, how to get out of the Survival Mode, etc.


Let’s recap what we’ve covered in the last few posts.

  • We have 7 major chakras. Chakras we have are sort of intelligent antennas (with built in computers to process the information) that communicate to the supreme intelligence on different levels. (Chakras – Wheels of Life)
  • Chakras can be considered different kinds of cities or sectors each specializing in its own kind of manufacturing. (Chakras – Wheels of Life)
  • Our ground chakra has its correlation is with solid matter. This solid material is the basis of our living. We need a home to live and to raise our family, we need a means to travel, we need to eat food to survive… (911 – shaky surface, survival mode)
  • Every chakra also relates to a particular instinct or consciousness. The instinct that relates to First chakra is our survival instinct. (911 – shaky surface, survival mode)
  • We’ve geared our ground chakra in a constant survival mode due to many factors i.e. our mother earth is in a constant pain, 911, terrorism etc. (Why Rich are Rich)
  • Most people are rich as somehow they’ve stabilized themselves. The people who couldn’t stabilize themselves get/remain poor. (Why Rich are Rich)

The Cure

The cure can’t be summarized into just 1 or 2 steps. If you’re really serious about abundance I suggest reading my book. It’s more than a book, it’s more of a play that you become a part of. It, in fact programs your subconscious to set you on a winning course.

Here I’ll just give you how I balanced my ground chakra so that I got stabilized without the need to having cars, houses etc in my name. This thing works as per my experience as the next day I did the procedure I got a client whom I thought I lost. At least you can mark it as a first step towards prosperity.

I got the idea from a special type of headphones; Noise Canceling Headphones:

Noise-cancelling headphones reduce unwanted ambient sounds (i.e., acoustic noise) by means of active noise control (ANC). This involves using one or more microphones placed near the ear, and electronic circuitry which uses the microphone signal to generate an “antinoise” signal. When the antinoise signal is produced by the speaker driver in the headphone, destructive interference cancels out the ambient noise as heard within the enclosed volume of the headphone.

By the 1950s, systems were created to cancel the noise in helicopter and airplane cockpits…

Do you get it?

Let me explain; if you somehow balance the vibration of your ground chakra to be exactly opposite of that of earth’s you get stabilized. If you can do that you don’t need to accumulate cars or houses… in your name.

The Procedure

Just pray to God with the conviction that it’s done. It will be done:


O’ God please make me stable.

O’ God please balance my base chakra vibrations in the perfect way so that they automatically cancel earth’s negative vibrations.

Thank you God.


That’s it. It should mark as your first step towards real prosperity. (Needless to say the amount of benefit you get out of this procedure will be directly proportional to your faith on that higher entity called God:-)

Take your life to the next level; get The Sacred Seduction…


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