The Sacred Seduction

The Sacred Seduction is not just another “how to” book to make someone fall in love with you. The problem with most relationship books is that they provide you only with knowledge and knowledge is the tool of your mind. This book not only provides you with the knowledge to develop and sustain your relationships but it also endeavors to empower your heart and to guide your soul.

“Till You Empower Your Heart with Love, Your Relationships will Remain Soulless, no matter How Much Knowledge You Accumulate.”

The Sacred Seduction deals with the mind, body, heart and soul aspects of your personality in a very different manner. You will not only read this book, you will also experience it in the form of a play as one of its characters. In this way the information contained in this book will not just remain knowledge, it will become your experience. And when you’re in the real situation you won’t need to think to apply the principles contained in it.

Consider your mind to be like a computer. If the instructions you program it with are correct they will guide you to success, otherwise those instructions will fail you. That’s why it became inevitable for me to deal with some core instructions or beliefs prevalent among people that relate to god, afterlife, doomsday etc., which are mostly driven by the tactics of reward, fear, lust, hate and ego that may prevent you to get true love in life.


>>> Part 1

  • What is love and how to keep the Flame of Love ever ignited in your relationship?
  • How the Pain of Love benefits you?
  • What Unconditional Love really means and how you can practically use this concept to empower your relationships?
  • What are the Four Primal Qualities in the Character of a Girl that make a man Instantly Fall in Love with her?
  • How to Clean Your Emotional Rubble to get the Love of Your Life?
  • Why Amazing Sex is Not a Good Enough Reason to Get Married, and What to Consider in a Relationship Before Getting Married?
  • What are the ways and means to Magnetize Your Personality to become The Most Attractive Person on Earth?
  • What are the Codes to Open the Locked Doors Inside a Lady to Penetrate Her Defenses to Gain Access to Energies responsible to Raise Your Consciousness and to give you the Most Intense Sexual Pleasures of your life?

>>> Part-2 For Women

  • How to adopt the Spider Strategy to Win the Game of Love?
  • How to Differentiate Between Your Mind and Your Heart and why doing it is necessary to win the heart of your lover?
  • Why every woman Needs to Be a Seductress?
  • How to use the basics of Electricity and Magnetism to fuel the Fire of Love?
  • How to Get an Edge over All the Escorts, Call Girls and Wives to Win Your Lover?
  • How to Overcome Your Inhibitions to make a man Truly Crazy about you?
  • How to seduce your lover by doing Everyday Tasks that Cost You Nothing? These tasks will make your lover Opt to Die Before He even Thinks About Leaving You for another woman.
  • How Cleopatra Seduced Her Lovers and how you can use the Same Strategy to seduce your lover too?
  • How to win the Trust of A Man?

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The Sacred Seduction