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Future is the Past

Everything is in a Flux

  • There’s no past and there’s no future – everything is in present and in a flux…
  • Everyone of us starts life exactly from the same point in time from where someone started life say 10 million years ago…
  • Everyone of us starts life exactly from the same point where someone will start life say 1000 years from now…
  • An action that we do now has its impact in the future as well as in the past…

These were just some conclusions that I reached while was investigating Bohr and Einstein debate about Quantum Theory – again for this blog after around 12 years of leaving my University and leaving Physics for Computers. I didn’t make that choice or perhaps a part of me that I didn’t know exist, did…

Physics is my first love and this blog is about love. That’s why I talk Physics here.

The Date Change

You may find a little change in this website as well. What’s that change?

If you’re reading this post on the website look at the date. The date of my last post is being shown as: 26 Dhul-Qadah 1431 AH. You can understand the second date but what’s the first date? I’ll explain all that, it may take a couple of posts. It all has to do something with THE PRESENT.

So what about the experiment that Einstein proposed to contradict Bohr’s stance (please refer to my last post for the background)?

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment

In my second last post Uncertainty Rules I mentioned:

What Niels Bohr suggested is that (in plain English): Quantum uncertainty “ensures” that you cannot know everything about a particle all the time. If you try to grab a particle it will slip from your grasp (metaphorically) – it simply won’t be there. Where it will be? Anywhere (or nowhere) but at least “not where” you think it to be.

Einstein’s stance was:

I can grab a particle in the palm of my hand (metaphorically.) How? I’ll cheat The System…

To prove his point Einstein with the help of Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen proposed the following experiment:

(Hey just a minute… on wikipedia Boris Podolsky is also mentioned in the reference of being a spy who took money for passing on information to Soviet Union. Even if he did that, he stands high, very high on a pedestal in my heart. I still love him, and his contribution to the world can never be diminished by such allegations.)

The time is around 1354 Hijri (1935 Gregorian.) It has been established in the world of Physics that any direct attempt to determine both the position and the momentum of a particle is doomed to failure.


When we try to measure its position, the very effect of measurement displaces the momentum and the particle slips from our hands.

Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen said okay we cannot directly determine both the position and momentum of a particle at the same time, let’s take a second particle, that would be our accomplice. It’s just like playing snooker. When the cue ball strikes another ball, both the balls move away in different directions. Their motion is precisely fixed by the law of action and reaction. If we precisely measure the momentum of our cue ball then the momentum of the other ball that is hit can be precisely determined. Now we make an observation on the second ball to find its position – voila we have the particle in our hands. That other particle can be light years away but it doesn’t matter because theoretically we KNOW it will be at a particular place at a particular time and we would catch it.


This experiment can only fail if somehow our thoughts travel forward in time and tell that particle that someone who knows your momentum is gonna come to grab you at this time, so you must vanish at that time from this particular position.


The Speed of Light

What happens when something travels at speeds comparable to the speed of light?

Time Dilation – Time stretches for such a thing.

At the speed of light?

Time stands still.

Faster than the speed of light?

Time starts moving backwards.

These are proven facts. Deduced from Einstein’s own General Theory of Relativity.

Remember gravity and time are inseparably inter-related. Gravity is just curved space-time.

Now suppose out thoughts move faster than light, what happens?

They move backwards in time – affecting our past…

But we’ve already lived our past?


Our past was shaped by our future thoughts…

Here comes real trouble – if our past is really shaped by our future then it should be in a constant flux?

Yup, it should be in a constant flux… there’s only 1 way to stop the past from being in a constant flux… can you think of that way?

You have to wait for my next post…

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