How to Remove Trapped Emotions? Breaking The Magic Spell – 5

In this post I’ll mostly talk about Emotions and how they link to us. To get in depth information about emotions I suggest you read Dr. Bradley Nelson’s excellent book: “The Emotion Code.” The whole book is available on Scribd: The Emotion Code

According to theory each organ of our body corresponds to a different emotion. Here is a list of body organs and the emotions they relate to:

Chronic Illnesses Usually  Relate to Trapped Emotions

If you have any chronic illness of some kind, it is a possibility that it relates to a trapped emotion in that particular organ.

Mother Earth is the Most Powerful Magnet

The method to remove a trapped emotion from a particular location in the body is described in depth in The Emotion Code. I’ll skip that but I’ll give you some pointers. The Emotion Code relies heavily on the use to magnets. We’ve experimented that earth is itself a huge and perhaps the most powerful magnet. We can use earth to remove trapped emotions.The only thing needed is the awareness and the intention of the removal of a particular emotion.

2 Amazing Clearing Methods from Dr. Joe Vitale

There are some other ways as well to release trapped emotions that are given in Dr Joe Vitale’s book: “Spiritual Marketing.” It can be downloaded for free from Dr. Joe Vitale’s website. Just give a search on google for “spiritual marketing, Dr Joe Vitale.” There are 2 clearing methods given on pages 75 & 78. Dr. Vitale learnt the first method from one of Bob Proctor’s “Science of Getting Rich Seminars” and he took the 2nd method from Karol Truman’s excellent book: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die….

But to do that process you should at least know the name of the troubling emotion. It is always good to have someone by your side to do the checking, I mean dowsing (dowsing instructions are present in The Emotion Code.)

The Psychic Double – Again

I had been through all the process of removing trapped emotions/heart walls. They were a lot. But still things didn’t get right. Now I believe the emotions that I removed were most probably from my Psychic Double. That’s why when we did the last experiment nothing happened (kindly read my last post The Psychic Double in this regards if you haven’t already done so). The psychic double was sort of empty, otherwise a negative emotion would have been produced. But before removing the psychic double (provided of course you have 1) it is advisable to remove all the trapped emotions (they may be trapped/injected in the psychic double.) Otherwise even after removing the psychic double the vibrations of the emotions from that double may still persist in your body.

So how did I remove the psychic double?

I’ll tell you that but first we need to discuss something important about chakras…

(Next post: Chakras – Wheels of Life – Breaking the Magic Spell – 6)

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