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Thou Shall Keep a Clear Mind

I was trying to gather inspiration for my next post with regards to Chakras that I read Dr Joe Vitale’s latest post: The Abundance Manifesto: Secret #4

Here’s the abundance Manifesto Secret No 4:

Thou shall keep a clear mind

I absolutely agree to this. Yesterday, even before I read this post while working with chakras – The ground chakra, I felt something amazing. If you haven’t read my last post in this regards please read it now: Chakras – Wheels of Life – Breaking the Magic Spell – 6

Here is the last passage from that post:

I give you an example; someone who constantly goes through health problems or constant financial crisis have something wrong with the first chakra. It may be an unresolved conflict that may be physical or psychological that may keep the consciousness trapped at that level. How come? That person may not feel fully grounded in earth, I mean he won’t be serene, calm. There may be an anxiety, insecure, panicky feeling even when there’s no need for it. Like just when checking mail or emails etc. There may also be an “I don’t deserve it” feeling…

If you have money/job problems, money don’t stick to you, it means you have problems with the first or the ground chakra.

Ground Chakra Relates to Matter

In our body the first chakra is located at the base of the spine or more accurately in the perineum; midway between anus and genitals. Its correlation is with solid matter, and as such it relates to the solid parts of our body like bones and large intestine (as it deals with solid substances.) Now there are sub-chakras that relate to the first and second chakra in knees and feet that connect these chakra to the ground – ground us.

This solid material is the basis of our living. Our bodies, houses, cars… almost everything we depend upon is made up of solid material. As such we need a solid footing on earth. We need a home to live and to raise our family, we need a means to travel, we need to eat food to survive. These are our basic needs.

Some Questions

I ask you:

Are you able to fully provide the basic necessities of life to you and to your family?

Do you provide these needs easily or do you have to work very hard?

Do you have to depend on someone to provide you with these needs?

Let’s explore these questions further…

The Survival Mode

Every chakra also relates to a particular instinct or consciousness. The instinct that relates to First chakra is our survival instinct.

For e.g. losing job, home, illness… trigger our first chakra and we get automatically switched over to Survival Mode.

Our survival mode dates back to very old times.

Just around one million years ago we were as much humans as we are today. But then our survival was different. We had to fight dinosaurs, lions, monkeys, snakes… to stay alive. But then we were also more grounded with our mother earth. So there was a balance. We were grounded even if we were in survival mode. This mode only got to switch on when there was a real danger or when we were out hunting.

Now the situation is very different; for most people there’s a gap between their souls, their body and mother earth.

But the real sad thing is; it’s not all. There’s more, much more…

The Shaky Surface

Our mother earth is in constant pain… a pain that our bodies feel… usually we can’t because we are so used to it.

I suggest an experiment. Go outside and walk with your bare feet on grass or soil. Try to feel earth. When I did this with full consciousness I felt vibrations in me, just like as in a earthquake. Earth tries to tell us something. Something bad is being done with our mother… mountains are no longer as firmly grounded as they were say a couple of hundred years ago. There’s something bad going on…

That’s one of the reasons why we can’t ground ourselves properly. We live on a shaky surface…

The 911 Affect

That’s still not all. We still pass through tremors and Americans are specially targeted. Remember 911? That day left its evil scars on most of us. It was an event that was orchestrated world-wide and our bodies geared into survival mode. Impact of that day was so strong that the bodies of most people couldn’t switch back to normal mode even after so many years. I may say that this recession is just an after-affect of that evil day. It’s a different world now. A world that’s run by hate and governed by fear…

Keep a “Clear Mind” How?

How can we keep a clear mind when our bodies pass through so much pain?

How can we keep a clear mind when our “mother” earth suffers so much pain?

How can we keep a clear mind when our ground chakra does not switch back to normal mode?

Tomorrow hopefully we discuss some remedies.

To be continued…

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