Chakras – Wheels of Life – Breaking the Magic Spell – 6

The Importance of Chakras – Why Chakras?

Before I explain what are chakras I’ll try to explain why we need chakras?

Let’s suppose you are God and you’ve assigned yourself a task to make a sort of robot; not an ordinary a robot but one of the most advanced and highly sophisticated life-form. That robot has to be deployed at a remote location billions of light years away in a remote galaxy. What would you do?

Let’s see.

To communicate with that robot you’ll need very sophisticated communication equipment; antennas/radars, tracking devices, recording devices etc and you’ll also want to make that robot intelligent enough to make its own decisions whenever needed in the absence of any communication.

The point to ponder here is that the supreme intelligence that makes that robot should probably be more intelligent than the robot itself. In the same way the decisions that robot make on its own would be inferior than the decisions communicated to it by that supreme intelligence.

Chakras – Intelligent Antennas

Would you believe that the chakras we have are sort of intelligent antennas (with built in computers to process the information) that communicate to the supreme intelligence on different levels?

How come?

A good question.

There are plenty of books written on chakras. You can read any good book on the subject. The one I recommend is: Chakras -Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Here I shortly describe what appeals me about Chakras.

The Super Highway

7 Chakras form sort of a vertical column in our bodies that is called “sushumna” in Sanskrit. This column is the connecting channel for connecting chakras and the various dimensions that are associated with them. You can consider this column as a super highway. There are trucks, cars, buses, loaders etc carrying passengers, goods, cement, sugar etc running on this highway. Chakras can be considered different kinds of cities or sectors each specializing in its own kind of manufacturing. There are also many back roads, transmission lines like gas, electricity, telephone etc. These are the different smaller channels to move different kinds of energies like acupuncture meridians, etc.

Chakras Relate to Our Nerve Gangalia

What I just said about chakras is not something purely theoretical . These chakras do relate to the major nerve gagalia in our bodies as it evident from the 7 small red balls in the above figure.

The Programmed Interface

Chakras contain specific programming instructions just like each having sort of a built-in mini computer. They can be open, closed, revolve, changed according to the instructions.

How these programming instructions act?

I give you an example; someone who constantly suffers from health problems or constant financial crisis have something wrong with the first chakra. It may be an unresolved conflict that may be physical or psychological that may keep the consciousness trapped at that level. How come? That person is not fully grounded in earth, I mean he may not be serene, calm… There may be an anxiety, insecure panicky feeling even when there’s no need for it. Like just when checking mail or emails etc. There may also be an “I don’t deserve it” feeling…

To be continued…

(Next Post: 911 – Shaky Surface – Survival Mode – Base Chakra – Breaking the Magic Spell 7)

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