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The New Millennium

Around 10 years ago on the eve of the start of so called new millennium I was watching BBC:

On the small Pacific islands that will be first to greet the new millennium, at 1000 GMT, preparations are complete.

A BBC correspondent on Millennium Island, an atoll in the Kiribati chain, said the scene is set for the sun’s first rays.

The latest technology will relay the new dawn to the rest of the world but the celebrations will be simple and traditional – with the millennium being greeted by a sea shell horn.

(BBC – Dawn of the Millennium)

And indeed the so called new millennium started with the worship of the new sun that was televised all over the world by major TV channels. It was also the power of the latest technology that televised the super-imposed vibrations of the so called 911 event to the brains of millions of people all across the world.

911 Resonance

Those twin towers acted as a sort of tuning fork that was hit at precise angles to produce some precise vibrations. These vibrations still persist in the atmosphere. Do you know why breast cancer is so much prevalent these days? Vibrations…

God in Time Prison

Sorry this debate was about time:

An ancient proverb claimed: “He who controls the calendar, controls the world.”  Who controls you?  The day on which you worship, calculated by which calendar you use, reveals which God/god you are worshipping.

(worldslastchance – Papal Sign of Authority)

Let me complete the above quote:

The day and time on which you worship, calculated by which calendar you use, reveal which God/god you are worshipping.

Even if you correct your calendar, but you don’t correct your time, your God may not be the real God you worship. Well, God reminds me of Muslim God – Allah – who is my God as well. Sadly now even Muslim God is in the grips of time after the construction of so called Makkah Clock Tower. Muslims won’t be too happy to hear that. But I only say what I believe is true.

It’s not just this clock tower, it’s a whole Makkah time… so whenever they pray facing Makkah they revert back in time even if they follow their hijri calendar…

Makkah Time

What is Makkah time? It’s a sort of bluff that follows UTC time and but I suggest reading this article: What is Mecca Time? There’s 1 thing that caught my attention in that article:

Since 1972 (1392 Hijri), however, clocks have been set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), a system dictated by 300 atomic clocks, that more accurately tracks the position of the sun.

Who gets the real benefit of this pseudo-time? God worshipers or Sun worshipers? What/Who is Green Witch (Greenwich)? I leave the conclusion to you…

Is there any other alternatives to this so called Sun Time? Of course Swatch Time. It may not be too practical (I don’t have such a Swatch watch with me yet) but when you think out of the box, only sky is the limit… isn’t it time that we think about time?

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