The Essence of Worship – A Shortcut to Abundance

Importance of a Deep and Passionate Relationship

This post is in continuation to my last post – The Essence of Worship – What is Worship?

I think I could not clearly emphasis the importance of a deep and passionate relationship. Let’s recap a part of my message I posted on Dr. Vitale’s website (Abundance Manifesto Secret #2)

One of my friends did some research on why some people in his circle of friends are wealthy and why some poor, a while back. He found out that there were 2 kinds of people in his circle who were rich: 1 those who were enjoying a deep and passionate relationship with their wives and 2. whose relationships sucked but were workaholics.

What is it all about?

The Light of God

It’s all about the life energy – the energy that’s responsible for our presence, for our whole existence… it’s this life energy that transmutes into enlightenment, creativity, prosperity…

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How I Discovered – Shifting into Abundance Paradigm

Business Guidance from Future

It all started with the following post by Mark Levi:
Business Guidance from the Future

Mark asked his friend Jack; how’s the business going?

Jack’s reply was: “he’s having the most profitable twelve months he’s had in twenty-five years as a consultant – and that’s in a down economy. This year, in fact, his firm is exceeding last year’s revenue by 170%.”

How come?

“Jack projected himself into the future, and found his answers there.”

That was the point that got me thinking. Mark suggested 2, 20 minute exercises. I did that but something was not right.

I then asked Mark this question:

I don’t know how to implement this future strategy right now?

Should I do this:

1. Suppose whatever money I have I rent a posh office, hire more staff, then what? It may be just 2 months that we burn our fuel.

2. If I target bigger customers using our existing facilities, it may backfire. They may not want to do business with such a small company.

3. Or should I throw a big annual party to celebrate our small success? Seems unrealistic.

How can future projection be “practically implemented?”

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