Why Rich are Rich? How to Get Stable? How to Get Prosperous? Chakra Balance – 8

What’s Your Initial Objective?

A couple of days ago this post by Jack Canfield brought me almost to tears: Stay Focused on Your Dream!

He started that post with the following quote:

“When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp!”

It’s so true. What is your initial objective? I need a precise answer here.

Let me guess…

Your own home?


Money, lots of?


What’s your initial objective?

Is it one of the above?
Let me tell you what’s my initial objective…

It is none other than…



Happiness, enjoyment of life, to be cool, to laugh, to be jolly, to enjoy life as much as I can…
That’s my initial objective.

Tell me which is better?

Enjoyment of life must be your initial objective. Everything including house, car, money, survival… come after it…


The Survival Mode – Again

Let’s now recap what we covered yesterday…

We discussed that our mother earth is in constant pain. There’s a certain vibration that continuously hits us. That’s why most of us have difficulty to get stabilized. We also discussed due to some events like 911, terrorist attacks etc. we have shifted to a continuous survival mode. What’s this survival mode does to us? Let me quote again from Jack Canfield’s blog (Jack talks about his “Success Principles Workshop” for 200 unemployed people sponsored by the Workforce Institute in San Jose, California.):

…I was struck by the diversity of the people who have lost their jobs due to the cutbacks caused by the recession—computer programmers, salespeople, managers, artists, trainers, architects, landscapers, lawyers, actuaries, truck drivers, painters and teachers…

Secondly, I was struck by the mood of resignation and depression that was present in the room when we began in the morning. The prevailing belief was that there were not any jobs available and that it wasn’t going to get any better anytime soon. People were preparing their resumes, going to job fairs, going to interviews, but with little or no results.

Now do you have any idea of the gravity of this situation? Why this happened? We got shifted into Survival Mode. If it still doesn’t make any sense please read my last post again 911 – Shaky Surface – Survival Mode – Base Chakra – Breaking the Magic Spell 7

Let’s discuss some cures:

The Cure

Did you do the experiment I suggested in my last post? i.e. to:

Go outside and walk with your bare feet on grass or soil. Try to feel earth. When I did this with full consciousness I felt vibrations in me, just like as in a earthquake. Earth tries to tell us something. Something bad is being done with our mother…

What did I do to cure it?

First I decreased the sensitivity of my chakra. How? I just said in my heart (not using my lips) God please adjust my sensitivity to a level that I don’t feel it. I was immediately at ease. Vibration was gone.

Now the question is: Is it really the cure. No it’s not. The ground is still shaky and we can’t lay deep foundations on a shaky ground even if we immune ourselves from it.

Why Rich are Rich?

Now you may ask people are rich everywhere. Did they not feel that shakiness? If they did feel it how come they become rich?

They subconsciously do some things to stabilize themselves, that’s how they got stabilized – got rich.

What kind of things?

Let me ask you some questions…

Do you own a house in your name?

Do you own a car in your name?

Were your parents rich?

Do you have an office in your name?

Why I ask these questions? Because they hold the key…

Most of the people who are rich are stable, have their roots in the ground.

I have an acquaintance who is fond of collecting cars. First of all I was stumped, why he does that? Then I got the answer… to get stabilized. The more material you own in your name the more stable you are and the more you prosper… and vice versa…

Are you getting my point?

The more material you accumulate the less vibrations you feel… stable you get…

More cars… more stability…

More houses… more stability…

But what’s the solution for the rest of us who are not so lucky to accumulate so many cars… who are not that lucky to accumulate houses… (well, luck has almost nothing to do with it…)

What to do in that scenario?

A good question…

You may have to wait till tomorrow to get the answer…

(Next Post: Road to Prosperity – Be Still – Get Prosperous – Chakra Balance – 9)

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