The Essence of Worship – A Shortcut to Abundance

Importance of a Deep and Passionate Relationship

This post is in continuation to my last post – The Essence of Worship – What is Worship?

I think I could not clearly emphasis the importance of a deep and passionate relationship. Let’s recap a part of my message I posted on Dr. Vitale’s website (Abundance Manifesto Secret #2)

One of my friends did some research on why some people in his circle of friends are wealthy and why some poor, a while back. He found out that there were 2 kinds of people in his circle who were rich: 1 those who were enjoying a deep and passionate relationship with their wives and 2. whose relationships sucked but were workaholics.

What is it all about?

The Light of God

It’s all about the life energy – the energy that’s responsible for our presence, for our whole existence… it’s this life energy that transmutes into enlightenment, creativity, prosperity…

It’s this life energy that’s the basis, the starting point of all forms of love… it’s the light of God…

If it’s the light of God then why almost all the religions of the world are opposed to it? Why sex is called sin? Why sex is called irreligious…?

B’cause almost all the religions of the world have been infiltrated by evil… a grand conspiracy against God, against sex…

Sex is the starting point of all forms of Love

With Whom You’ll Fall in Love?

How come? Tell me sincerely what is the most important factor of falling in love with someone?

Looks? Nope.

Beauty? Nope.

Money? Nope.

Knowledge? Nope.

… It’s none other than sexuality. The sexier a person – the more chances of someone getting in love with him or her. It’s all about energy…

How to Become Sexy?

I have wrote a whole book about it: The Sacred Seduction.

In this post I’ll just give you some hints on – getting rich – fast.

Masturbate and Make a Wish

Now I request you to read an article by Christopher Penczak: Masturbate and Make a Wish.

What this article suggests that you focus on your goal, then raise the sexual energy in your body through masturbation and then release it while you orgasm with the intent that this energy works for the goal you desire.

The Biggest Drawback of Chewing Gum Sex

It works, but not in the same way as you make love with your partner. And it still depends if you both are in a loving and a passionate relationship or are just having chewing gum sex?

That’s another reason to avoid chewing gum sex. What is chewing gum sex by the way? It’s sex without deep intimacy and passion. It’s sex without deep love. It’s sex without honor and appreciation… There are no energies released in the process. You lose big-time…

You Don’t Need to Work Hard Provided…

The energy that’s released in deep and passionate lovemaking with honor, appreciation, deep love, no fear… is sufficient to make your dreams a reality without “worshiping your passion,” without the need of you being a workaholic…

That’s the real and true worship to God…

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  1. Wow… this is a pretty bold concept Rumio, and I definitely applaud you for sharing it.

    If we take it a step further, and embrace the “We Are All One” concept, then clearly there is a direct tie between our relationships with other human beings and our steps towards fulfilling whatever we see for ourselves in finance or other areas of our lives.

    Fantastic site man, keep up the great work!