What is The Reality? Breaking the Magic Spell – 3

I hope you’ve read my earlier posts on Emotion Reversal. And I also hope you’ve read that interview with Clotaire Rapaille I mentioned about in my last post: The Emotion Codes.

These are the emotions as interpreted by our subconscious that determine the choices we make that eventually lead to shape our lives.

In this post I’ll try to connect the Role of Emotions with The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction

What is The Law of Attraction?

In simple words: Everything we have in our life now has been attracted to us through our mind.

We create our own reality.


I hope you remember from my last post that our subconscious only understands a very advanced level of sign language – the Language of Emotions.



What is Real?

Now I ask you what is real?

You may answer that real is something that you can see, feel or touch.

Or is it really so?

This is the “Real” what YOU “think to be real.” What about your sub-conscious mind – which is the Real You. What is The Real for The Real You?

That’s what’s real for the Real You:

The reality for the Real You is just “some electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

Some Questions:

What if these electrical signals get distorted?

What if these electrical signals are interpreted in the wrong way?

What if these electrical signals mean something different from what their true meaning should be?

What if these electrical signals somehow never reach the Real You?

Are you sure “Your Real Self” or the” True Self” or “The Real You” or “Your Subconscious Mind” or “Your Holy Guardian Angel” perceives the reality in the same way Your Conscious Mind perceives?

We are gonna find some answer…

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