The Essence of Worship – What is Worship?

(Prostration of the Christian Ministers)

This post is inspired by Dr Joe Vitale’s following post: The Abundance Manifesto: Secret #2

Here’s the secret#2:

Thou shall worship passion.

What is Worship?

Here’s a paragraph from my book The Sacred Seduction:

For me love is the reason why God created this Universe. It’s the light that illuminates the direct path to God. When love reaches infinity it becomes worship and worship is only meant for God. To love is to know your Creator. Without love all worship is useless, in fact it’s a sin…

(The Sacred Seduction)

The real worship is to surrender ourselves to the Divine Power of Love…

To the Love of God?

Yes to the Love of God…

But how can you surrender to someone whom you cannot see? It’s just a logical question. Some people even deny the existence of God. So how can one surrender to someone, one cannot see?

Who is God?

Please tell me who or what is God?

… any ideas?

Okay let me tell you. God is the name of a feeling that’s always with us but we cannot see it.

Is God just a feeling?

No God is not just a feeling or an emotion but what else God be?

Can You Fall in Love With a Feeling?

Have you ever thought how can anybody fall in love with a feeling? How can anybody prostrate to just a feeling? What are these men doing?

They are prostrating to a feeling known as God. It seems they are Muslims and prostrating toward a black building known as the Holy Kaaba.

Does God live in that building?

Nope. So why so they prostrate toward that building.

It’s just a symbol that it’s the house of God.

Now see this:

She is a Sikh woman doing her worship called “Matha Tek.”

Do you remember the topmost image? They are Christian ministers doing worship to God.

This kind of worship is found in almost all the religions of the world.

Are they all in love with that feeling? God or whatever?

I’m not very sure if they’re in love with anyone or not, but what I’m damn sure is that they’ve found their parents, forefather… doing the same thing and they do this just as a sort of ritual. Don’t be too impressed, these people are just following some rituals, love usually has nothing to do with it.

What Does Prostration Signify?

In its true essence to prostrate is to submit to a larger deity; it is to surrender to the might and dominion of that deity…

That deity can be God, that deity can be a human as in the case of above (Sri Guru Granth Sahib ), Jesus Christ etc.

Can that deity be other than God or Human? Yes it can be…

It can even be Your Passion…

Here’s my reply to Dr. Vitale’s above post (posted in the user comments):

My definition of worship is: When love becomes infinity it becomes worship and worship is only meant for God.

“You shall have no other gods before me” – The First Commandment – it may be added to it: even if it’s your passion.

God is within us all – to love a human is in fact a worship to God – supreme worship. And to hate a human (any human) must be the biggest sin.

My father’s passion is collecting rocks/mountain climbing etc, he’s a geologist. He’s a success but at what cost? At the cost of relationships?

One of my friends did some research on why some people in his circle of friends are wealthy and why some poor, a while back. He found out that there were 2 kinds of people in his circle who were rich: 1 those who were enjoying a deep and passionate relationship with their wives and 2. whose relationships sucked but were workaholics.

It’s just some food for thought.


What it all leads us to?

The Gods We Run After…

We usually create different Gods for us and prostrate to them all our lives…

Hast thou seen him who takes his low desires for his god?

(Al-Quran – 25:43)

What are you running after?

Are you running after a better locality? A posh area? A bigger and a better car? A bigger home? Earning more money?

Isn’t it so that you’ve made any of your desires; your god?

How can you find it out?

Very simple…

Ask this question from yourself:

Have you surrendered your “self” to that desire so much that nothing comes in between you and that desire?

Surrender to God

If it is so then that desire has become your God.

Is it good or bad for you?

It it is good for you if your surrender is to the Real God and it is bad for you if your surrender to any material possession including money, houses, cars, stones, business, job, a human etc.

How can a person surrender to God? By prostrating to him just like Christians, Muslims, Jews etc.?


How to Really Surrender? – The Real Worship

In a sort of sense it’s called surrender when you prostrate to a deity but this is what I call animalistic form of worship. Have you seen a dog that surrenders to you by putting its head down and moves its tail sideways when you feed it? Or a cat when she says mew when you feed her and look at you with grateful eyes? This is a form or surrender in the same way we humans prostrate to God.

But is it really worship?

Sorry it’s not the real worship.

Do you know what is the real surrender? I got this answer from Alex Blackwell’s excellent book: How to Love Consciously:

It takes courage to hold your heart in the palm of your hand while someone else takes your fingers and, one-by-one, peels them back to reveal the gift that is waiting. Sometimes the gift is cherished and sometimes it is not. Either way, we learn to surrender to passion because of the promise of what it can deliver.

(How to Love Consciously P-20)

That’s called the real surrender, that’s the real worship to God which I’m very sad to say most so called religious people don’t ever realize…

It’s only after this surrender to a human the true meaning of the word “worship” can be understood.

Love rules the Court, the Camp, the grove
And men below and Saints above
For Love is Heaven and Heaven is Love.

(The Lady of The Last Minstrel – Sir Walter Scott)

Sorry religious folks, next time you worship think whether you worship God or commit a sin…

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