How I Discovered – Shifting into Abundance Paradigm

Business Guidance from Future

It all started with the following post by Mark Levi:
Business Guidance from the Future

Mark asked his friend Jack; how’s the business going?

Jack’s reply was: “he’s having the most profitable twelve months he’s had in twenty-five years as a consultant – and that’s in a down economy. This year, in fact, his firm is exceeding last year’s revenue by 170%.”

How come?

“Jack projected himself into the future, and found his answers there.”

That was the point that got me thinking. Mark suggested 2, 20 minute exercises. I did that but something was not right.

I then asked Mark this question:

I don’t know how to implement this future strategy right now?

Should I do this:

1. Suppose whatever money I have I rent a posh office, hire more staff, then what? It may be just 2 months that we burn our fuel.

2. If I target bigger customers using our existing facilities, it may backfire. They may not want to do business with such a small company.

3. Or should I throw a big annual party to celebrate our small success? Seems unrealistic.

How can future projection be “practically implemented?”

The Abundance Mindset

I kept on thinking on these issues for a few days, then I stumbled upon Dr Joe Vitale’s blog:

How to Shift into Abundance Mindset?

Please read these lines very carefully (I’m copying these here from Dr Vitale’s blog):

One of my favorite meditations is where I lead people through a questioning process that takes them behind the curtain of life to find the wizard behind it all.

Here’s how it works…

  • It begins with asking you to notice your thoughts….You have them but if you can notice them, who’s doing the noticing?
  • It then asks you to notice your feelings, your emotions…You have those, too, but if you can experience them, who’s doing the experiencing?
  • It then moves to asking you to notice your body…You have one, obviously, but if you can notice your body and feel like you’re “something” or “someone” inside your body, who or what are you? Who’s noticing your body?

This background awareness — the “noticer” or “witness” — is essential to making the shift into The Abundance Paradigm.

I then asked these questions from myself and it seemed to me that I was hit by a bolt of lightning. It was just unimaginable. How it was unimaginable? You can find it out from what I posted on Dr Vitale’s blog as a question:

Hi Dr. Vitale.

This post is an eye-opener or more precisely self-opener for me.

When I looked inside me I didn’t find me. “Me” was nowhere. There was just “I”. What or who is “I”? I can only be 1 and that’s God.

If it’s true then why do we pray to God? Isn’t every prayer a sin? A major sin?

Questions, Questions, Questions…

Who am I?

Who am I? Am I God?

Who am I talking to? Are you God as well?

If I’m God why should I pray?

Isn’t it so that: “All is 1 and 1 is All”

I believe, it was not by any chance that immediately after posting above on Dr Vitale’s blog I came across Life on Your Terms on one of my favorite blogs: The Bridge Maker. This amazing article is written by Lorraine Cohen. It starts with a quote by Gary Zukav:

I see the potential for a new world being born in front of me and all around me, and I feel the only way to bring that potential into being is to know myself.

This article is on affirmations – positive statements that are used to override any negative thought or feeling. I love this particular line by Lorraine:

Relentless Affirmation means creating a positive statement based on a truth you have come to recognize.

The Truth

My question is what is THE TRUTH?

Isn’t the truth I AM GOD?

Am I crazy?

That’s the question I’ve asked several times from me during last couple of days after I read Dr Vitale’s post.

It happened today in the morning. Everyday when I wake up I say “All praises are for Allah – God of the Worlds.” But today when I thought of saying that prayer I said if I’m God then saying this prayer must be a sin. I didn’t say it.

Then it struck me:

The Whole of Creation Exists Within You and Everything that’s Within You also Exists Without You.

It’s written on the start of a music video. I googled this text but found it nowhere on internet. Here’s the music video (it’s in Urdu)

Is it all making any sense to you?


Let me show you how…

The Conclusion

Wrapping it all up;

Remember we started from a post from Mark Levy; projecting us in the future.

I couldn’t project myself in the future before today but now I can.


That’s the million dollar question.

I already have the future – in me. I have everything I need. How?

I am not God but I am a part of God

(I shifted into abundance paradigm – Thanks to Dr Joe Vitale)

My affirmation:

I Already Have Everything

(Thanks to Lorraine Cohen)

As I already have everything I then do not ask anything from God. Instead I thank God.

Thank you Allah for giving me everything.

Thank you Allah for making me 1 with the love of my life.

Thank you Allah for bringing my business to the level of $1 Million a year revenue mark.

That I believe is the answer to my question that I asked from Mark Levy; how to practically implement the future now?

It’s only through a deep sense of gratitude to God.

Thanks to Mark Levy for starting this whole debate.

Gratitude is in fact one of the Major Pillars of “The Sacred Seduction.

Thank You Allah.

Do you agree to these ideas? I love to hear your voice…

One comment

  1. when i started thanking god for the things that he had given to me i feel an emmense energy and that too with a great sense of pleasure and from now iknow what i want i just have to ask for it and i’ll be getting it soon.

    “thankyou god for every thing”


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