The Essence of Femininity

Essence of Femininity

What Men Look for in a Woman?

What do men look for in a woman? From men I mean real men, not nincompoops.




It matters but it’s not the key ingredient.


It matters but still it’s not the key ingredient.

Money? Fame?

Are you nuts?

What is it?








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It’s nothing other than femininity – feminine sensuality.

What is Femininity?

It’s the essence of a woman. Without this essence she’s no longer a woman. She’s no longer attractive, even if she surpasses Miss Universe in a beauty contest.

A Comparison

Have you ever compared women who have been working in offices, schools… for a long time and staying at home moms? What have you found?

What I found was that women working in offices were more “manly” than SAHMs. They were less attractive. The higher a woman climbs the corporate ladder the more she loses or more precisely hides or protects this essence. This Essence is always inside her but she develops walls around her essence primarily to protect her. To protect her image of being a doctor or a scientist or engineer or whatever.

The basic problem what most women don’t realize is; if this essence is kept under protection it becomes stale. It starts decaying. As time passes it becomes more and more difficult to keep it fresh… result – it becomes poisonousA Complete Personality Shift (topic of another post.)

Release Your Essence

Girls you have to release it somehow to keep yourself attractive, young, lovable…

It can’t be released on bed…

It can be released on a dance floor, with singing, on a beach, on a nudist resort where you can bare either your emotions or your skin or both (much better)…

You can also share your burden, your essence if you find a man who really understands you and has formed a bond of trust. It’s not an ordinary bond and I’m sorry to say it can’t be formed after marriage or after having sex.

I live in a place where most women can’t release it. It brings tears to my eyes when I see a woman in burqa or abaya covering her full body, even her face. These cultural practices are the scars on the face of humanity. These women are I’m sorry to say have been made utterly useless under a grand conspiracy…


Girls I think this was not what you expected? You thought I’d give you some French technique for sidelong glances? Kissing tips? I can give you that but it’s not the real purpose of this blog. You must first get your basics right only then you can find love – true love. You must release your essence to remain young and seductive. That’s what Angela is saying in practice sensuality:

Happy Seducing…



  1. Brilliant. You seem to have an excellent grasp of yang/yin, male/female, and universal polarity, especially as it applies to modern-day relationships 🙂

    Rock on!

  2. And I think you and your readers might enjoy my labour-of-love article on love, sex, and relationships:

  3. As a woman myself I don’t really see how a woman with a career can’t be feminine or seductive. I mean, my career is situated in a very feminine world (a woman’s magazine) where I write about beauty, style, love, health. Maybe it’s different if you work in the financial world or something…

    • That’s the key – your work environment relates to beauty, love, health… in other words you spread love. The more love you spread, the more happiness you give, the more laughs you share with the world – the more feminine you become. The essence of feminity is none other than love – pure love.

  4. Yet you are calling womyn girls, children. The essence of true femininity, matriarchal femininity, not the “femininity” as defined by men for their own men, is about our empowerment. not bowing down to men as weaklings. Yes, we are more empathetic and child nurturing, but we shouldn’t be thinking that men should rule or run this or be dominant because of their nature. It is the nature of male dominance and aggression ie the values of the patriarchy that messed up this world in the first place with war and lack of empathy and socially caused sociopathy. We need to take back this world from them so to make it a better place for us all, esp. the true feminine energy.