How to Seduce a Man – Primer

How to Seduce a Man and Keep Him Seduced?

This discussion started when one of my close girlfriends told me that her aunt was divorced by her husband after 10 years of marriage. She met an unfortunate accident and her legs got paralyzed. He took care for her for some time but then secretly married a girl. Her aunt only came to know after her husband had a baby with his new wife. She then filed for divorce and… you know…

Did She Deserve That?

What pinched me the most in the above episode were the words of her aunt that she told to my girlfriend. Her aunt said: I did everything for him. I pressed his clothes, I made the breakfast, lunch and dinner. I took all the care of the children. I did this even after my legs were paralyzed. I did this on my wheel chair. I didn’t deserve that from that ass**** or did I?

What do you think? Did she deserve that?

Is it a Yes or No? After all she was paralyzed.

I say; she deserved that… not because she was paralyzed or anything but because she did not seduce her man as she should… if she played her cards well, this whole episode could have been avoided…

Yes I agree we don’t know all the circumstances why it happened? But keeping the above scenario in mind as a general case tell me sincerely (I’m primarily talking to ladies here) how could you avoid happening the same to you? Or can you?

How to Make a Man Crazy?

Girls can you make a man crazy for you?

Can you seduce a man so much that he would not even look at any other woman of the world but you and only you?

Can you do it even if you are handicapped as in the above scenario?

I know what you may be thinking…

Let me guess…

1. You’d keep yourself perfumed with the latest invention from Channel, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste…?

2. Wear sexy clothing…?

3. Regular Eye gazing…?

4. Give him Oral Sex…?

5. Kiss him all the time…?

6. Polish his shoes…? (yikes)

7. Prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner…? (another yikes)

8. Press his clothes…? (now I’m crying)

9. Help him in any of his official assignments…? (I’m doubtful now, are you really a girl?)

10. Fu** him like a slut? (that’s more like it baby, but sorry if something a slut can do, why should he come to you?)

Is it all or do you have something other than that up in your sleeves?

If you have it then show me. I await your replies here.

If not then you may either wait for my next post (may within a day or a month or even a year) with regards to “how to seduce a man” or get my book The Sacred Seduction now to drive your man crazy…

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