The Cross of Separation – Who Am I? Who are You? The Lines of Fate… 13

In my last post Are You Really Grateful? I asked you a question: Is the Law of Gratitude Working for You?

After I posted that a thought came to me; isn’t saying that the law of gratitude isn’t working for me in itself an act of ingratitude?

I made a mistake yesterday when I said:

Has being grateful helped you?

Either Yes or No.

For me the answer was No.

Do you realize the mistake?

The truth is this law is always working but sometimes in a way that’s beyond our comprehension. I committed an act of ingratitude.

I apologize to Allah for that. Allah please forgive me.

Thank you Allah.

I got the answer by evening yesterday, how wrong I was…

The answer may be beyond your wildest imagination… I can safely bet upon that…

How much? 100 bucks?1000? 10,000? 1 million?

I’m not joking…

I’m damn serious…

Who am I? Who Are You?

I ask you a very important question, now listen carefully:

Look at your face in the mirror. If there’s no mirror nearby you can look at your reflection in the glass window, on your monitor screen, on the mirror surface of your table… just anywhere where you can see your reflection…

Go and see it…




Now tell me who was the person you just saw? Are you sure that the person was really you? How can you be so sure?

What if I tell you the person you just saw was not you?

What is your name?

Is your name: ******** ********?

What if I tell you the person you just saw in the mirror was not ******** ********, would you believe me?

Am I crazy? I may be, but isn’t there just 0.00000001% chance that I may be right?

You’re Not You If You’ve Ever Been in True Love!

Have you ever been in love? By love I mean true love…

Or are you in love?

If your answer is yes, then you may be in a big trouble… bigger trouble than you can even imagine…

It happens mostly to people in love…

Everything in this website revolves around love – True Love…

What we have been doing since last several weeks is all related to love…

Yeh jo raig e dasht e firaq hai

This dust that flies all over the land of separation…

Yeh jo raig e dasht e firaq hai,Yeh rukay agar

This dust that flies all over the land of separation… once it stops then and only then…

Yeh rukay agar tou nishan milay, ye nishan milay

… the path of my true destination can be seen.

K jo faaslon ki saleeb hai

Then and only then this cross of separation…

Ye gari huwee hai kahan kahan

Could be seen buried in the pathways of love…

Mere aasman se kidher gaeen tere iltafat ki kehkashan

Where have all those constellations of your love went? That once embraced my skies…

Mere bekhabar, Mere baynishan

My unaware…

Ye rukay agar tou pata chala

Once this dust settles only then we know…

Mai tha kis nagar, Tu rahi kahan!

Where I lived and where you dwelt?

Keh zaman o makan ki wusetian

These vastnesses of time and space…

Tujhay daikhnay ko taras gaeen

Have been longing to meet you.

Wo mere naseeb ki barishain

The rain that was written in my fate…

Kisi aur chatt per baras gaeen! Magar Aik Baar…

Rained on some other roof… but once…

Mere char-soo hai wo gubhar e jaan, Wo fishar e jaan

There’s so much dust scattered all around me… so much unease…

Keh khabar nahee mere hath ko mere hath ki

That even my hands are unaware of one another, they even don’t know if they’re mine or someone else’s?

Mere khawb say tere baam tak

This dust stretches even across my dreams till your door…

Teri rahguzer ka tou zikar kia

Not to talk about your passageway…

Par hai zoofishan tera naam mere dil main abhi talak

Apart from all that, your name still shines brightly in my heart.

Mere naqsha gar, mera naqsha jaan

My Beloved

Isi raig e dasht e firaq mein hum hain muntazir, tere muntazir

I’m still waiting for you in spite of all the dust scattered in the land of separation.

Mere khwab jin k fishar mein

In the wait for my dreams to come true…

Rahi mere haal say bekhabar

Remained oblivious of my condition…

Teri rahguzar

Your pathway.

Teri rahguzar k jo naqsh hai mere hath per

Your pathway that’s written on the lines of fate carved on my hands…

Magar is bala ki hai teergi

But the darkness is so strong…

Keh khabar nahee mere hath ko mere hath ki

Even our hands don’t know whose hands are these?

Wo chasm e shoubda saaz thi wo uthay agar

Oh yes, those magic eyes, if they look upon me again…

Mere istakhwan mein ho roshni

My life would again brighten up…

Isi aik lamha e deed mein teri rahguzer

At that precise moment, your pathway…

Meri teera jaan mein chamak uthay

Illuminates the darkness in my life.

Mere khawb say tere baam tak

From my dreams till your door…

Sabhi manzaron mein damak uthay

All the vistas would again lit up with vivid colors.

Isi aik pal mein ho jaawidan

That precise moment would give eternity…

Meri arzoo k hai be-karan

To my desire that’s unbound…

Meri zindagi k hai mukhtsir

To my life that’s short…

Ye jo raig e dasht e firaq , ye rukay agar..

This dust that scatters on the land of separation… if this stops…

(By Amjad Islam Amjad)

(Translated by me with few edits)

It’s going to be stopped…

I promise…

To be continued…

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  1. Shukriya. Behad lutf aaya, Janab Amjad ki gaharayiaan kuch kuch samajh aayin, aapke tarzumen se (Cross of Separation)
    Khuda hafiz


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