Uncertainty Rules – Cheating The System – About Time – 3

Life, Fate and Destiny…

What is your perspective about your life? What do you think life is? Is life just eating, drinking, having sex, praying and then dying or is there any deep mystery hidden somewhere?

What are your core beliefs about your life? What do you think about your fate? Do you think it’s pre-determined by some entity most of us call God? Or do you create your own fate? What is destiny? Is there something that’s pre-determined that’s gonna happen in your life? Can you change your destiny?

What pisses me off the most is people saying that all that happens is according to the will of God and all what you need to do is to call God, pray and ask God and God will do it for you.

Who is God?

Who is God? A robot that feeds on your prayers and grants wishes? Is God some genie from Aladdin’s lamp and rubbing of the lamp is synonymous to offering prayers 5 times a day? Perhaps He’s a pervert and wants to keep all women covered in burqas to protect their chastity? Perhaps He feeds upon your sorrows; the more sorrows you get in this life, the more poverty you face, God rewards you in the afterlife? Or perhaps He would award paradise to you, if your children rot learn Qur’an (and become animals – parrots to be precise)…

I ask them just 1 question: Why Aren’t YOU God?

You as a human have dominion over all the creations of God including angels – provided you know The TRUTH.

The truth will set you free (i alitheia eleutherosei umas) (John 8:32)

The Inherent Uncertainty

Coming back to today’s topic – the inherent Uncertainty in The System. If you’ve been following this blog “The System” has appeared in my posts many times before. You can read this post to know what’s my stance on The System: Find Out Who You Really Are

What’s uncertain about The System? The thing is; everything in this System is Uncertain – to us. And once this uncertainty is removed from somewhere System changes its state, so that it again becomes uncertain – for us. How come uncertainty removed? By our observation. But the things don’t end here. It seems The System knows what is going to happen next (that we’re gonna make an observation) and it adjusts according to its knowledge. And when our observation is no longer there the state of existence of the System cannot be determined – we can’t even say for sure that The System exists in the absence of observation.

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Mind Over Matter – Time Travel – Time Machines – About Time – 2

The Milky Way

Do you have any idea how big is the place where you live – I mean Universe?

Where are You?

You live in a planet called earth. It orbits around Sun along with its 8 sister planets. Our Sun is a typical star and you can see hundreds of thousands of similar stars (bigger and brighter than our Sun and probably having their own Solar Systems) via telescope. These stars are not haphazardly distributed but placed in a colossal wheel like structure called galaxy.

The Milky Way

Have you ever heard of The Milky Way? It’s in fact a galaxy – our galaxy. Our sun is located in this galaxy at about two-thirds of the distance from the centre. Beyond our galaxy there are more galaxies similar to ours scattered around us in a cluster. Modern telescopes reveal a universe fill of clusters of galaxies, thousands and thousands of millions of them.

So where are we? We are in the middle of nowhere. Distances between these galaxies are measured in millions of light years. In fact our own galaxy is roughly 100,000 light years in radius and around 100,000 million stars are contained in it.

These numbers boggle my mind, what about you? Isn’t it so that we are just insignificant. We don’t even exist.

The Most Mind Boggling Thing You May Have Ever Heard

But what is more mind boggling to me is that a slight stir that’s caused not by our action but by our mere thought can cause significant changes across thousands of millions light years away… That’s exactly the inference I got by delving deep into Quantum Mechanics.

Does this imply that thoughts travel at speeds that are more than the speed of light?

I must say that should be the case if we analyze the experimental outcome.That’s the easiest way to explain the phenomena.

What phenomena?

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Time and Space – Time is Flexible – Time Dilation – About Time – 1

Let’s discuss some Physics. It is going to expand your mind…

What is time?

It’s not an easy question.

What is Time Warp?

What if I tell you there can be different times for you and for me.

If you live on the top floor of a high-rise building your time will be running faster than the time of someone living on the ground floor. This affect is negligible but can be calculated with super-sensitive atomic clocks. Similarly time on an airplane when it’s in air runs faster than the ground time.

Oh no, the differences are so minuscule that ordinary watches usually cannot  register the change but the change is there and if you wear an atomic clock on your wrist it will tell you exactly how much younger you are than the rest of your fellows who didn’t accompany you in the journey.

Now suppose you board a rocket that is capable of traveling at speeds that are comparable to the speed of light i.e. at very high speeds. You go to Moon and come back, you’ll be younger than the rest of us. The higher the speed of the rocket the slower the time runs for you.

If it’s still unclear to you you can read more on time dilation.

What is Time?

Time is a sort of dimension. Some theories of Physics suggest that we live in an eleven dimensional Universe. 3 dimensions are visible, 7 unseen but these unseen dimensions manifest themselves in the form of forces like electricity/magnetism/gravity… and the 11th dimension is time.

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