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Let’s discuss some Physics. It is going to expand your mind…

What is time?

It’s not an easy question.

What is Time Warp?

What if I tell you there can be different times for you and for me.

If you live on the top floor of a high-rise building your time will be running faster than the time of someone living on the ground floor. This affect is negligible but can be calculated with super-sensitive atomic clocks. Similarly time on an airplane when it’s in air runs faster than the ground time.

Oh no, the differences are so minuscule that ordinary watches usually cannot  register the change but the change is there and if you wear an atomic clock on your wrist it will tell you exactly how much younger you are than the rest of your fellows who didn’t accompany you in the journey.

Now suppose you board a rocket that is capable of traveling at speeds that are comparable to the speed of light i.e. at very high speeds. You go to Moon and come back, you’ll be younger than the rest of us. The higher the speed of the rocket the slower the time runs for you.

If it’s still unclear to you you can read more on time dilation.

What is Time?

Time is a sort of dimension. Some theories of Physics suggest that we live in an eleven dimensional Universe. 3 dimensions are visible, 7 unseen but these unseen dimensions manifest themselves in the form of forces like electricity/magnetism/gravity… and the 11th dimension is time.

To further complicate/simplify the matters it can be conjectured from above that there are no force-fields at all – only empty 11 dimensional spacetime curled into patterns.

What it signifies?

Forces and matter are just the manifestations of space and time.

Yah, I know it all may sound gibberish to you but being a student of Physics it’s normal to me.

I give you a sincere advice if you really want to understand life you’ll have to get out of your comfort zone. How much out of your comfort zone?


The New Science

This new science was born in 1330’s A.H and 40’s A.H (1920’s) with Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger being the chief base-architects. Max Born and Neils Bohr are the ones who really applied this theory to matter and radiation. These are the people who laid down the foundations of Quantum Mechanics as we know it now.

A question arises what Quantum Mechanics has to do with our everyday lives? A better question is what Quantum Mechanics has to do with Love and Seduction?


The Basics of Life

What I teach here are the basics of life – our own life. It’s just like you’re driving an airplane – the airplane of your life. You’ve all sorts of dials/levers/knobs in your cockpit. First you must be aware that they are there and you can maneuver your airplane in directions and degrees that are sort of unimaginable to a layman. Turning these dials/levers/knobs have an immense affect on your journey. This knowledge may even be the difference between life and death, turn a wrong dial and you hit ground.

In my next posts we’re going to reach some conclusions about time that do have a direct impact on your life.

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