Are You Really Grateful? Gratitude or Ingratitude? – 12

I was supposed to discuss Manifesting and Liberating Currents in this post but something very important came up – it’s about Gratitude.

I ended my last post on the Essence of Gratitude. Gratitude is something to be thankful. It originates from our heart. But before I discuss that I need to clear the Role of God in our lives.

The Role of God

Tell me what do you think is the role of God in our lives? In other words how God acts in our lives? How God accepts our prayers? How God listens to us? Is God always with us?

God is always with us “but” as a silent partner. He sees everything. He listens everything BUT He always acts according to some laws that He has set. To further clarify this point let me quote Stephen Hawking (a renowned Physicist):

The universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws.

If you really understand just this little line above you’ve understood almost half of spirituality (the other half is to know these laws ;-)).

Let’s suppose for a moment that you are God. What would be the easiest way to pay for someone’s gratitude?

The easiest way should be to put a piece of machinery or programming instructions into each of your creations so that the reward automatically gets processed.

You don’t have to intervene all the time or anytime (remember Stephen Hawking above?)

So what is the process that God has devised to pay for our gratitude?

Introducing Neurocardiology – Brain in the Heart

Neurocardiology is a fairly new branch of science.

After extensive research, one of the early pioneers in neurocardiology, Dr. J. Andrew Armour, introduced the concept of a functional “heart brain” in 1991. His work revealed that the heart has a complex intrinsic nervous system that is sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a “little brain” in its own right…

Numerous experiments have now demonstrated that the messages the heart sends the brain affect our perceptions, mental processes, feeling states and performance in profound ways. Our research suggests that the heart communicates information relative to emotional state (as reflected by patterns in heart rate variability) to the cardiac center of the brain stem (medulla), which in turn feeds into the intralaminar nuclei of the thalamus and the amygdala. These areas are directly connected to the base of the frontal lobes, which are critical for decision making and the integration of reason and feeling.

(Institute of Heart Math: Science of the Heart)

Are you getting my point? Emotions, Emotions, Emotions…

Is the Law of Gratitude Working for You?

Now look back into your life… how many times were your grateful and how many times were you ungrateful?

Do you think your being grateful to God has helped you? Be critical, very critical. Look back into your life and tell me sincerely how much has gratitude helped you?

I’m not asking you to be ungrateful in any way, I’m just asking you to critically analyze your previous life and sincerely tell me the answer of this 1 question:

Has being grateful helped you?

Either Yes or No.

For me the answer was No.

Yah, you may say that what difficulties you’ve faced in this world you will be rewarded for in the afterlife…

But remember we’re talking about Laws – The Law of Gratitude. This law states that (in simple plain words):

If you’re grateful you get more. If you’re ungrateful you get suffering.

Simple as that (where’s afterlife mentioned in that law?).

Is this law working for you?

Yes I know there should be people for whom this law will be working but there may be people for whom this law may not be working…

To which group of people you belong?

An Incident

This started from my psychic friend removing trapped emotions from one of his friends. He removed anger, guilt, hatred etc.

But then his friend said all these emotions point to 1 thing and that’s “UNGRATEFULNESS.” Have you checked that?

My friend said Oh… but it’s not in the Emotion Code Chart. It must be missed by Dr. Bradley Nelson…

Tomorrow hopefully we discuss injected emotions, psychic double and removing trapped emotions…

To be continued…

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