Earth is Alive – Treat Her Well… Chakras 11

The last sentence of my last post might have confused you:

You need to please your mother (earth) if you’re really interested in getting rich, getting prosperous…

How can you please your mother? Like Hindus please their earth deity Gayatri? By making an idol and worshiping it? No, not at all. For the record in Greek mythology it is called Gaya – The Primal Greek Goddess personifying earth. The word “Mother Nature” came from there.

What I mean is that:

You should treat Earth just as another creature as we (humans) are, that’s created by a Supreme Intelligence most of us call God.

How to Love Earth?

We need to respect earth in the same way we respect one another.

We need to care and love our mother earth just as we care and love someone near to us like our own mother, son or daughter.

Now take a minute off (close your eyes) and deeply ponder in your heart what were your feelings about earth before you read this?

After that ponder deeply in your heart what are your feelings about earth right now?

Do you love earth? If you love her can you feel her pain? Can you feel her love for you?

I live in Pakistan. Most Pakistanis call the day when the nuclear tests were performed underground as a day to be celebrated. But I say that day should be mourned by all of us. Here’s a video:

The mountain under which these tests were conducted turned black. It didn’t rain for I believe more than 3 years in that region. Do you have any remote idea how much pain our mother had to bear that day? Was there or is there any person who opposes nuclear testing in Pakistan? Almost all the developed countries have turned to cold testing. Why not Pakistan? Have you any idea how much hurt and agony they cause to our mother? It can be felt provided you have a deep connection with your mother. Do you?

Essence of Gratitude

Do you really love your mother? Next time you walk on earth think about how you walk. Do you walk with a deep sense of gratitude; that our mother earth has allowed you to walk on her chest? Or do you walk with a sense of pride and insolence?

How do you sit on your chair? Do you sit with gratitude and thanks that it has been provided to you by your mother earth as a favor or do you sit with pride saying my chair is built very strong? No chair is built strong, it’s only as strong as your gratitude…

Once you understand this little concept about our mother earth your whole life changes. Your every action becomes driven by gratitude. I type these words on the keyboard with a sense of gratitude that I’m able to control my fingers to type these words on the keyboard that’s provided to me by my mother earth. Even my fingers are not mine, they’re just put together by God from the materials from my mother earth. There are so many people on earth who don’t have an access to a PC or to internet or to information. I’m really blessed to write it and you’re really blessed to read it.

I think it’s enough for today. Tomorrow we’ll hopefully talk about Manifesting and Liberating Currents and how the blockages in our chakras limit our thoughts and manifestations…

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