The Bourne Identity – Identity Theft – Find Out Who You Really Are! – 14

The System

Tell me who you really are?

I know you are Mr/Miss/Mrs ****** ******.

Now tell me what’s your real name in THE SYSTEM?

In The System?

Yes, in The System.

Let me explain…

Let’s suppose you are Mr/Miss XYZ. You know you are XYZ in your heart.

Prove it to me!

Let’s see, you have that ID from the Govt. You may have SSN or Id card, passport, driver’s license, Credit/Debit cards etc.

Well and good.

But all these ids point to one and one one name in “The System.” Are you sure that one and only one name is YOURS? Are you also sure there’s only 1 name that points to you or are you assigned multiple names in The System?

I request you to see this trailer, it’s from one of my favorite movies: “The Net.” (If you’re reading this post via email I request you to click on the post title to view it on the website so that you can see the trailer.)

The Biggest Identity Theft

Every trace of our existence is computerized…

Everything about us is encoded somewhere…

On a complex network of information…

Is there someone manipulating your world?

Infiltrating your life?

Erasing your identity?

How can you prove that you are really Angela Benett not Ruth Marx?

You say you are Angela Benett but in “The System” you are Ruth Marx.

I say I am Faisal but in The System I may be any or all of David, Tom, Michael…

Have You Ever Thought?

Who are you?
What is Your Reality?

  • Have you ever thought the prayers you made to God were not by Angela Benett but were by Ruth Marx?
  • Have you ever thought the gratitude that you paid was not by You but by Ruth Marx?
  • Have you ever thought the life you lived was not yours but was of Ruth Marx?
  • Have you ever thought all your life struggle went not to yours but to Ruth Marx’s account?
  • Have you ever thought the credit/debit cards issued to you were being mis/used by Ruth Marx?
  • Have you ever thought how come the car that you desired all your life could be seen in your neighbor’s porch (you can replace the underlined words with the things and people in your life and ponder…)?
  • Have you ever thought the girl you longed for your life had been married to someone who never loved her and whom she never loved?
  • Have you ever thought you never got what you ever desired (except when you were very young)?
  • Have you ever thought your life is being lived by someone else?
  • Have you ever thought that someone Screwed with your Information?
  • Have you ever thought you may have Multiple Identities in “The System?”
  • Have you ever thought that something can reach further than you could ever imagine?

You don’t understand why you?

This is not the point why you or why me? The point is you and I have been caught in “The Net.”

The Net that had been laid down since centuries…

To stop us…

Stop us from what?

You need to read “The Sacred Seduction.” Answer lies buried somewhere deep in The Neverland.”

Is God Dead?

You’re justified to ask:

But how God can do such a thing to me? Is God blind and deaf? Is God dead?

Nothing of that. Remember my second last post: The Role of God? Read it again and you’ll know the answer.

You Cannot Blame God.

How Come The System Got Manipulated?

You may ask: Okay but how come System got manipulated?

Good question.

I’ve got an equally good answer.

System is not manipulated but you are.

Everything lies inside you. The System is inside you!

How come?

You need to read another post by me: How I Discovered – Shifting into Abundance Paradigm

Here’s the answer:

The Whole of Creation Exists Within You and Everything that’s Within You also Exists Without You.

How to Fix this Identity Theft?

That’s the billion dollar question.

We’re gonna discuss the fix InshaAllah (by the will of Allah) in my next posts.

Before I end this post I give you a brotherly advice: Love and Kiss Your Mother… Your kiss may come handy while dealing with this identity theft…

In the meanwhile you can read The Sacred Seduction, it’s gonna help you…

To be continued…

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