Mother Earth – The Start of All Journeys – Chakras – 10

If you’ve been following me through my posts on Chakras, Emotions, Psychic double etc you may be thinking that we’ve covered a lot of ground. I’m afraid it’s not so. If you’ve been following the procedures I’ve suggested, taking care of your trapped emotions, chakra vibrations etc. you should have started to notice some change in your life. For some of us it may be a big change, but for some it may not be; it may be just the start…

In Deep Shit…

It depends how much in deep sh** are you…

Some people might be knee deep… they should be out of trouble by following the procedures I’ve suggested in my previous posts. But some people may be sunk to the depth of their stomach or chest or neck or even head… what to do in that case?

That’s why I’ve decided to continue with the chakra discussion. It is deeply related to life… and it may be a way to take us out of any kind of deep shit…

Some Spirituality/Psychology Talk

I’ve an avid interest in spirituality/psychology/occult. I’ve seen the Movie The Secret many times. I saw it late after I’ve read many a books on the Law of Attraction/Getting Rich like The Science of Getting Rich, Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key… It was a blessing that I saw The Secret after I’ve read all these books; it made perfect sense. To be true all these books and The Secret just scratch the surface of what lies beneath…

What Lies Beneath?

Why I undertook a study in spirituality? It was not just because I was interested, the real thing was I was in deep shit and needed to get out of it…

Let me quote Dion Fortune from Psychic Self Defense in this regards:

If this knowledge can be so disastrously abused, why should its veil ever be lifted? What answer is made to this question is a matter of temperament. Some will maintain that knowledge of whatever kind cannot be without its value. Other may say we had better let sleeping dogs lie. The trouble is, however, that sleeping dogs have an unfortunate knack of waking up spontaneously. So much occult knowledge is abroad in the world, so much of the kind of things described in these pages is going on unknown and unsuspected in our midst, that it is very desirable that men of goodwill should investigate the forces which men of evil will have perverted to their own ends. These things are the pathologies of the mystic life, and if they were better understood, many tragedies might be averted.

So I hope you understand why we need to know some basics about spirituality.

In this blog I won’t delve deep and will try to present the information in such a manner that even a layman can easily understand.

In this post and probably the next I’ll try to briefly describe the importance of our mother – the mother of all mothers – you guessed it right – The Earth.

What is Earth?

You can say that earth is a planet in the solar system, that’s in a galaxy and that galaxy is in a Universe.

Fine, but what else is earth?

Now you must be confused, what else? It’s just a planet.

Not it’s not just a planet. It’s something living, living in a sense just like us…

Am I nuts?

Not at all. Earth is our mother and she’s just as alive as we are, she has an intelligence of her own that’s comparable to our own collective intelligence.

Now what I’m going to suggest may grab your attention.

Money Talk

Tell me where money comes from?

Banks/Treasury? Nope. They just print it or sort of store it. They don’t have the real money.

Thinking/intelligence? Nope. Thinking/intelligence are just tools that even an amoeba has. But its not where the money comes from.

Governments? Nope.

Money comes from no other place than earth.

Not only money but everything we have comes from earth.

Have you even thought from where this computer/phone on which you may be reading that post came from?

Every computer/phone is a mesh of some silica, plastic, copper… that came from earth.

Every home is made up of wood, sand, cement… that came from earth.

Every car is made up to steel, paint, plastic, glass… that came from earth.

Our clothes, shoes, glasses are just made up of cotton, wool, silica… that came from earth.

Even we came from earth and our return is in it.

Our mother earth is the producer of all the monies…

You need to please your mother if you’re really interested in getting rich, getting prosperous…

To be continued…

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