Who is Your Real Father? & Who is Your Real Mother? Who are You? – 15

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So you want to find out who you really are?

Before you find it out you need to break free from the chains that hold you back. In one of my previous posts I talked about “Psychic Double.” I didn’t purposefully described the process of getting rid of it.


So that you can deal with your trapped emotions and remove them. Have you read the book The Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson? Have you removed your trapped emotions? You don’t know how to dowse to find out the trapped emotions? There are several ways of dowsing mentioned in the book. Have you taken it seriously? Have you done some serious effort?

The Power of Belief

My experience is once you BELIEVE, God opens the ways. Your belief is the first step in getting rich, to prosper, to become beneficial to the world…

Are you waiting for the magnets? From my experience our mother earth is the biggest magnet. What I do to remove a trapped emotion is to consider my hand as a very powerful magnet. I then put it on the place where the emotion is trapped and then sort of visualize that it sucks the emotion out of the body. Once I’m satisfied that it’s fully sucked, I then put my hand on earth so that the negativity goes inside our mother. To do this you must have a deep sense of love for your mother earth.

Your Core Beliefs

What I’ve observed among all the people of different nationalities/religions mostly “Muslims” are the ones who are in sort of hate with our mother earth. I’m a Muslim and I’m ashamed to admit that same was the case with me a few years ago. Even then when I got sort of enlightened I was never in love with our mother. It was only recently that I developed a particular deep love for earth. How it happened is a long story.

What are the reasons? Why people develop hatred for earth? There are many, many reasons. It is mostly instilled in so called religious teachings. I believe Christianity is not too much different in this regards. It’s not that I’m pointing finger to any religion but my aim is give you some food for thought. Look inside you. Are you religious? If yes then you need to examine your core beliefs. The beliefs about You and Where You live and dwell.

I’ll post more about this later. But for now the treatment that I suggest won’t work as expected if you don’t change your core beliefs about this world in general and where you live in particular. It is really important.


I procedure I just told you above to remove a trapped emotion using earth won’t work if you’re not IN LOVE with your mother earth. She won’t accept your request.

The Act of Kissing

Do you want to get rich in the real sense, just like a tree when it bears fruit? You can get rich, you can get beneficial for anybody including your family when you develop a deep sense of love for your mother. If you don’t love earth then you won’t get the nourishment from earth to bear fruit. From being rich I always mean being helpful/beneficial to others.

If you agree to what I just said please kiss your mother. She has done so much you. Leave what you’re reading/doing. Get down to floor and kiss your mother. It doesn’t matter if there’s carpet or flooring. Just kiss the floor whatever it is.


Thanks. You did the right thing. This one thing regulates your currents of manifestations and liberation. Kiss the walls of your house, your room, your car… your house/room/car becomes friendly to you. Remember kissing is not just a ritual; it’s a show of love – deep love, deep honor, deep appreciation…

Who Knows You The Best?

Who are you?

You’re a child of earth. You’re like a tree that’s deep rooted in earth. If you’re not deep rooted anything or anyone can push you aside. Your roots are deep in your mother earth.

Do you know why I emphasize the love of you mother?

I ask you a question, listen carefully:

Who’s the person that knows your real identity?

In simple plain words: Who knows the best who is your real father, apart from God?

Your father? Nope.

Your mother? Yup.

Who is your real mother? The mother who gave birth to you?


To be continued…

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