The Magic of Eyes

In my last post I described an incident in which a lady burnt the bed on which she slept with her husband when he left her for another woman. She thought she took the revenge. But was this really the revenge? No it wasn’t.

The Real Revenge

What would be the real revenge? The real revenge would be that her husband, even if was with another woman should still think about her… should regret his decision to leave her for his whole life… should feel a hole in his heart for letting her go… forever…

The Flame of Love

How could she do that? How could she kindle such a flame of love in his heart that her husband would burn in it for an eternity?

Can you do it girls? Can you do it to a man? Can you ignite such a flame in a man’s heart that it becomes a fire – a raging fire…

Yes you can, believe me you can…

How to do it is the purpose of my book – The Sacred Seduction…

But the purpose of this post post is how to protect your man once you both are in love.

The Spider

Have you ever seen a spider catching it’s prey? Do you know how to build a web around your target that he cannot ever escape from that web?

The problem with the above woman who lost her husband to another woman was that she didn’t know how to build that web around him.

How to build that web?

Here I’ll just give some pointer…

The first thing you need to do is to use your eyes…

Yah, we all use our eyes… but we don’t use our eyes like a spider…

Spider Eyes

How does a spider use her eyes?

She never takes her eyes off her prey…

Do you keep your eyes on your prey (man)?

Did that woman keep her eyes on her husband?

She didn’t…

How could she?

It’s a good question… how could she?

Could she keep her eyes on her husband when he was in his office? Could she keep her eyes on her husband when he was in the club? Could she keep her eyes on him when he was dating that woman?

She could.

How? Through a private detective?


Through befriending some lady in his office?



Easy. When her husband left home her eyes should not be glued to the latest soap on the TV or taking care of children or pressing cloths or anything… her eyes must be following him all through the driveway… even to the end of street… if she really wants to make it sure…

The Magic of Eyes

Once she does this – Magic Happens… it’s nothing less than magic…

When my girl did this with me, first I didn’t understand why she does that? Perhaps she loves me so much… yes, she loves me but subconsciously she wanted to make sure… make sure that no other woman may lay her eyes on me…

Her eyes then followed me wherever I went… those eyes followed me whenever I was with friends, eating, talking or anything… those eyes kept on following me… whenever I talked to another lady, it seemed to me that those eyes are watching me… watching me all the time… those eyes trapped me… mesmerized me… just like magic…

Keep your eyes on your man…

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