Cannibal Women Who Love to Eat Men’s Penises

G-spot in Ears

“For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.”

(Isabel Allende)

I can’t agree more to Isabel.

Real Foreplay is All About Telling Sexy Stories.

If you really want to know about women then read what women read; Mills & Boon, Nancy Friday, Barbara Cartland etc. Women fantasize about sexual things that they don’t necessarily want to do in real life. The reality is they do want to do it in real life provided they can really trust someone with those innermost feelings. How to develop that kind of trust? You need to do some reading (Read The Sacred Seduction if you haven’t already done it.)

It’s only after we introduce the element of fantasy into sex we take her to a ride to a faraway land of her dreams. That land is detached from all the harsh realities of life – from babies crying, grocery hassles, cleaning, internet, emails, twitter, facebook… The only equipment you need to take her to that fantasy land is your mind…

Let me tell you a story that I love telling to my girl. She loves it. I always bring in new twists to it;

Cannibal Women Who Love to Eat Men’s Penises

Fake Cannibal Woman

Do you know I’m really fond of travel? I’ve seen many countries and continents. Africa is one of them.

There was a time in Africa when they asked every traveler; never buy smoked meat from the market – it may be human…

So in spite of all the warnings I planned to visit the cannibal tribes.

She asks: Cannibal tribes (she shrugs with fear and comes closer to me. You see girls are so fearful ;-))? Why take such a risk? You can always see a cannibal movie, if you’re really interested in seeing such people.

There’s no substitute for the live action dear. Tell me why people buy tickets to see soccer or cricket matches? They can see it all on TV. To see the REAL THING – “REAL HOT THING.” Okay?


The Trip to Mobangi

So there I was with my guide in Africa. We planned to visit Mobangi – the center of African Cannibalism. Have you heard the name before?

No (she says.)

It actually means: Speed. Eating or making with speed. Mobangi tribe is the fastest man-eater tribe on earth. Their women take only 3.5 minutes to skin a human.

Wow… So did they eat you?

You’re not taking it seriously. I’m damn serious honey.

Okay now I’m serious (tries to control her smile.)

Well you do have a point here girl; why didn’t they eat me? They didn’t eat me because the guide I took, belonged to the same f* tribe. And we did take some gifts – real gifts okay?


Removing Clothes is a Gesture of Peace

So when we reached near the tribe my guide took-off all his clothes and asked me to do the same. He said his people will eat any clothed man here. Removing clothes is a gesture of peace…

Let’s be in peace…

Did you see the movie Operation Petticoat?


It’s an old movie, they saved their submarine by asking all the women to remove their petticoats. Removing clothes is such a great thing. Would you mind removing your petticoat? You may even get something bigger than a sub…

She: You’re so…

That day was hot and when I removed all the clothes I felt literally liberated. It was a totally different feeling. Have you ever been without clothes in the open?

I’ve been to swimming but I didn’t take-off all my clothes.

Try it, it’s a great feeling when cool and humid air touches each and every pore of your body, your hair flying in air, your breasts charging with the free-flowing ions… you don’t even need that Japanese ion-plasma machine…

You were in an African village…

The G-String Connection

Oh yah, so when I entered the village do you know all the women were only wearing g-strings? I asked how come they become so mod? My guide then told me that g-string is in fact their invention. He also told me that a team of wickedweasels visits this village every year to get new ideas for their bikinis and g-strings.

Wow, so that’s where all their ideas come from.

Oh yah, and once you visit that place you won’t ever want to wear this trash, except of course the supreme g-string… I’m getting cold, let’s come closer…

Cooking Genitals

So when I was in that village a girl really got attached to me… her speciality is cooking genitals…

What? A girl cooking genitals?

Yah, it’s true.

So did you fell in love with here?

Ahem… yes. If you’ve eaten those genitals, you’d also have fallen in love with her, my sweetheart… so delicious…

I never wanted to take her with me to the civilized world, but the Tribe Chief said; take her or be ready to get your… cooked, you know what… (snoring… of course I’m acting.)

What happened then? (She asks)

Oh don’t do this to me, it hurts down there…

I’ll do this to you unless you tell me what happened then?

Okay, we took her with us, then one night…

What happened that night?

That night we slept early. It was around midnight that I felt something hot down there…

I thought it’s a wet dream…

Deep Throat

But it wasn’t… that girl was giving me… a really passionate… deep throat… massage… her eyes closed… her whole body… her soul… focused on just 1 thing… licking… yah… like this… exactly… I love you girl…

I’m about to cum… Oh my God…

(If you like this post why don’t you get my book The Sacred Seduction? It contains all the Basics of Love and Seduction you need to know to travel the path of love.)

Can you come up with some similar stories? Would you mind sharing them here? I love to hear from you…

How to Seduce a Man – Primer


  1. it was a turn to me

  2. chloe paige cox

    can you take me to this tribe in africa i would like to let them kill me and eat me this is my dream would you help me make it come true please,PRETTY PLEASE…..

  3. I can’t believe there are so many people who want to be eaten. Why?

    Actually after the last reply from Chloe I had been thinking all along. There’s 1 word that has been revolving in my mind – “disrespect.”

    In my opinion most of us had been disrespected in our lives in 1 way or the other. Let me share with you something that 1 of my girlfriends shared with me. She told that when she was very young, her mother was giving her bath. Then her mother out of no reason at all started beating her with her slipper. She still had those scars in her memory. Why her mother did that? Was it because her daughter was a foster child? But my girlfriend was oblivious of this fact…

    There are many things about us that even we don’t know. These things play havoc with our lives.

    I had been an old admirer of Dr Steve G Jones – clinical hypnotherapist. In 1 of his emails he shared that he met a girl who was very fat. Nothing seemed to work. In the session that girl revealed that she was abused in her childhood and subconsciously wanted to be fat so that no one should abuse her because of her looks. After her session she fully recovered.


    Every part of our bodies is a living being with its own thinking and memory. Every part of us needs to be loved and cared. Sadly due to “disrespect” that we get from the world even our body parts no longer belong to us. They may belong to someone who disrespected us. That’s why we get the urge to get those parts separated. You must look back in your memories, and forgive those people… This world is a truly loving place. Once you open your heart to love you’ll find there’s plenty of love for everyone… You’re so attractive and so pretty that no cannibals on earth would ever want to hurt you….

    I love you…

  4. i like girls meat. why? they are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. any girls would like to be eaten out respond. ??

  5. Hi! I men-Vitaliy.Belarus. 36 yo.198/82. Large, nice, interesting. Families do not. No bad habits. I search for real Girls-cannibals. My offer is real.I want to be eaten for a long time the Girl or Female group. I want, that female mouths and tummies have taken pleasure and sated with my meat. If it is possible, I will ask to eat me not at once, and gradually that I was still live when Ladies will eat parts of my body. Eat me, Goddess! Waiting for your messages on my e-mail: [email protected]. Will be your meat! Eat me, please!Real!

  6. stacey williams

    Hi i am a 18 year old female,i am a twin i’m 5ft 5in long very blonde hair and a size 10 and 125 pounds,my sister and me are identical.We have had the same dream since we were young and that is to eat a man.we do not care how old (over 18) weight or colour but we want to eat a man alive.we want to bite him and also cook various parts to eat.My sister also has a major foot fetish which i do nor share but she wants to turn a percent of you into a pair of shoes this will be done while you are still alive so you know its been done.Is there anyone who will let us eat them thanks Miss williams

  7. It’s with great pride and honor that I “Rumio” for the first time ever in the history of the human race announce the Grand Opening of “The Sacred Seduction Cannibal Club.”

    Breasts/penises/vaginas and all human body parts… of just the perfect shape, size, color, taste and scent you ever dreamed in your wildest dreams are now available.

    Our club is a completely “out of bounds” territory for any restrictive authority as it’s run by none other than the 1 and the Only True God.

    Feel free to eat or to get eaten.

    I welcome you to the real paradise…


    • It’s not for the timid or the faint of heart…

      • HiDelcious.I sent you a message but it was poorly sent my sincer offer to cut you up for food is real & in any way you want im a cannibal & I DO LIKE THE TAST & FLAVOR OF HUMAN MEAT ESPECIALLY FEMALE so if your still on the menue im ready lets make this happen mail me for my phone # carl

  9. male lying here naked. very meaty large meaty thighs.just waiting to be eaten.

  10. mike reynolds

    I am 5′ 7″ weight 185 tasty white male serious about being eaten by a man or female.

  11. Why dont you just go out to the woods and get eaten by a bear i mean seriously. Do any of u realize how much it would hurt to be eaten? For that matter why not let a great white shark make a meal out of you? God i swear some people. And as for the twins, you really think you have it in you to eat person alive screaming in pain and most likely shouting for you to plz stop after the first bite? If you could live with yourself doing that then you belong in prison.

    • George, it seems you didn’t feel the pain behind these replies. You may have seen cheery faces around, but you might not have felt the silent screams hidden behind. These are just the silent screams of our souls crying in pain…

      > Do any of u realize how much it would hurt to be eaten?

      Have you ever thought that some kind of pain may even be worse than being killed or being getting eaten alive? A pain that cannot even be described in words?

      > If you could live with yourself doing that then you belong in prison.

      What if they already have gone through such a pain and now they just want to take their revenge?

      Here we don’t judge people. To judge is only God’s prerogative. It’s just like someone goes naked in the street and gets caught by police. Who are they to pass the judgement?

      Against the law? Who makes these laws by the way? Devil? Enemies of Love?

  12. I have my own psychological disorders that i deal with everyday. If these people really want to eat/be eaten then they should seek professional help as i did when i started hearing voices whispering for me to hurt people. You cant tell me its not absurd. Im not necessarily judging these people as much as i am worried that they will go thru with it. Not many people can understand these types of desires because it involves hurting another human being.

    • Aren’t humans suppose to be a “RESPONSIBLE” race? Isn’t the “sense of responsibility” the reason why humans are given a free will to choose between right or wrong?

      If I ask my girlfriend to “eat me the whole night” what should I expect? A pleasure incentive or a blood dripping body? It depends upon how responsible she is. I consider every reply to this post in the same context.

      Who am I to restrict people from expressing their views and opinions? To express their innermost desires? To have someone share the volcanic fire that burns their bodies?

      Your reply resounded for a long time and for a while I thought of putting a cap on further comments but then I said it’s against the fundamental human right of free speech upon which I staunchly believe. It’s against the basic assumption that Human race is awarded the sense of ‘responsibility.’

      What if someone gets hurt?

      Thousands of people get hurt in road accidents, ban the transport. People get killed in airplane crashes, ban airplanes. Children get hurt seeing WWF, ban WWF. People get cancer using cell phones, ban cell phones… Is banning really the solution? No! But we must teach how to RESPONSIBLY use any of these facilities. How to responsibly give and take pleasure. But responsibility should not be synonymic with putting a boundary around human expression.

      I believe all the readers of this post will portray responsibility. Thanks George for being concerned with the safety.

  13. A fascinating story, too bad the ending left so much unanswered. All in all, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I too have cannibalistic fetishes, including devouring the plump, juicy bosom of a well-endowed woman. There’s a recipe for Udder Eclairs, a type of chocolaty dessert using sliced udder that I think would be delicious with lady breast. And since there are no vital organs in the breast, there’s no life risk (legality and all) involved.
    I also have had a long running fetish with having my penis eaten. Perhaps bitten and chewed off in the moment of a passionate oral sex, the last shot of my seed taken as nothing more than an appetizer before the main course? Or tied off at the base, with 2 elastrators, and cut between them, leaving me without fear of bloodless while the 9 1/2″ white sausage remains plump and firm, ready for seasoning and cooking before slowly devoured one bite at a time or all at once, while I am forced to watch.
    I’ve given the matter a great deal of thought and an quiet serious about both prospects. If anyone else is interested in taking my man-meat or having their bosoms consumed, please contact me and we will discuss the matter further.

  14. For stacey williams, eat me please

  15. How many women out there would really eat men’s dicks and balls if they had the chance?

  16. Any ladies from Holland or close, looking for an attractive young adult male (30) to discretely roleplay this subject in real life? You like to “eat” me or want to be “eaten”? I love to do that both ways in the most sensual way imaginable.
    Please contact me, if interested for more information.

  17. Is a woman out there who would really like to eat a penis?

  18. anybody out there want to eat me alive sinking your teeth into my flesh ripping it of and eating while i watch

  19. I have decided that this life has nothing else to offer me and have decided to leave it. I would like to contact a person who would castrate me and cook up my Genitals while I am still alive so I may taste them for myself. After that it is all up to the person doing the butchering how they want to proceed with the meat from my carcass..

  20. I got the above message via email when I’ve suspended this website. Today I made it alive, perhaps just to post this message…

    Why I suspended thesacredseduction? It seems sometimes in life going gets too tough, too rough… some goals, some purposes, some desires… that you run after, seem to just vanish in thin air, along with all your ambitions… to continue the run…

    You say it’s enough… you give up… perhaps that’s why I suspended it…

    But then this message came along…

    It got me thinking…

    I don’t know why but I’m gonna give my life 1 more chance… perhaps something new happens…


  21. I appreciate you responding to my e-mail. I want you know that this is something I have pondered over for several years.I have been married twice. One divorced and other deceased. I have no children. That is just another reason for my decision. I do not want to pay to be buried in the ground to rot away, Or burned to ashes that no one wants. So, this would be my last Hurrah. I could enjoy it, and maybe get a thrill for someone else, along with my remains to consume, or do with what they please. I would love for it to be photographed, and displayed if possible for even more to enjoy. I am willing to sign a statement that this is my idea and I give consent. Would even consider some kind of compensation.. I am serious about this….

    • I’m really amazed by your courage and boldness. Perhaps I lacked it, that’s why I made the decision to close this website.

      I do have a wife, 2 children and both parents. I’ve never been divorced. This love, these relations prevent you to be bold enough to take risks. At least those kind of risks that put your life in danger.

      But again if I was content enough with what I had, I would never have dared to write this blog or book (BTW I live in Pakistan.)

      What compelled me to risk my everything, my peaceful life?

      It’s again love.

      I believe till a person has his breath running he has a chance, you never know…

      Of course it’s your life and you’ve a right to do anything with it.

      • Thank you for hanging in there with me. Yes, I am determined to go through with it. I am adamat about that, and it doesn’t bother me at all. I have been through pain before, but I know this would be short lived. I get what I want, to just disapear, and my coharts whold get what they want. Meaning a really intense thrill of actually butchering a human being, and consuming him.I do not want a quick death and I assume they would have the knowledge and skill to accomplish that. It is their call. If they decided to skin me before the actual gutting takes place, fine, if that works. If I just wanted to end my life, that would be simple.But I want into the hands of someone who will treasure this experience also. I live in the U.S. on the Gulf Coast, and prefer not to leave the U.S. I am hoping I do get a response from someone, but if not then I will try to find another way to do it. As I said previously I will compensate the Person, Persons for their time, and expense…
        By the way, I am not a Cop, and have no connections with any Law enforcement agency

        • It was just a couple of days ago, after your last reply. I had just offered my prayers to The Creator. After that prayer I asked myself why I did that? Why I prayed? Was it just to gather some credits for the afterlife? My heart said NO it was not offered to earn some credits.

          I then asked my heart why, exactly why I offered that prayer? My heart said it was just an offering to say thanks and to be grateful to The Creator for His gift of life to me.

          I then asked my heart was this offering sufficient? My heart said no, it wasn’t, it can never be sufficient enough, even if you keep yourself in prostration for the whole of eternity, you can’t be grateful enough for His just 1 gift, out of His uncountable gifts. Take your eyes for example, can you ever be grateful enough for just 1 eye? If you want to know the price of a single eye, ask a total blind. Even if he has the whole world in his pocket, he would be willing to pay all of that just to get 1 eye. All the riches of this world can’t buy me a single eye if God forbid I lose it. All the riches of this world can’t buy me a foot, a hand, a liver, a kidney, a heart… if God forbid I lose it.

          Even if someone is a born looser, a total failure, good for nothing piece of sh*t… even then that person doesn’t have the right to be ungrateful to The Creator, and take his own life as he’s already in a real big debt.

          I still have my eyes working and my heart beating. If I want to be my own master then I must own myself, I must purchase my body parts back from The Creator, then and only then I get the carte-blanche to do anything with them.

          Whatever you call Him; The Creator, The Universe, The Karma… He always collects His dues 1 way or the other. There’s no escape. No one escapes His Repo Men ( Death is just a beginning of a new journey, the real journey where you answer the real Repo Men for debts you incur in this life.

          If I were in your place I would not risk the whole eternity just for some gory fun… decision is of course yours…

          • T. Baldwin

            Thanks for your concern. But like I said, I have been thinking about this for a long time. I am new at these websights and didn’t realize that all this is just a game for everyone. Well. I am not in it for the game. I am not taking my own life, I am going to let someone else do it. Someone that will enjoy the thrill of Cutting a Human body up to be comsumed. And it is no worse than being killed in a Auto Accident etc. I will have the satisfaction of knowing until the last seconds that it is being done. I do wish that they would photograph it so others like me could enjoy it… And I do hope that my Meat is enjoyable and maybe shared with friends.. I will find someone even if I have to pay for it.. Again, Thanks for your concern

  22. Further comments on this post are being closed for now as I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

    This discussion has been an eye opener for me and I’m ever more thankful to My Creator for this such a wonderful gift of life, for which I can never pay back.

    Each of my breath has become more precious for me, my worship has taken a complete new turn and a new meaning. It’s now more of a token of gratitude and I’m now more aware of my inadequacies… and and even more aware of my preciousness… and the preciousness of every human life…

    Thank you.


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